Hwang In Yeop & Bae In Hyuk’s Nerve-Wracking Battle Over Professor Oh Soo-Jae Begins

The enigmatic confrontation between Hwang In-yeop (Gongchan) and Bae In-hyuk (Chang Yoon Sang) was revealed ahead of the premiere of the 7th episode of the SBS drama “Why Her?“.

The SBS Friday-Saturday drama “Why Her” side published still cuts of the changed atmosphere of the Seojung University Law School Legal Clinic Center on the 23rd of June, ahead of the 7th episode. Attention is drawn to a quiet power struggle between Choi Yoon-sang (Bae In-hyuk) and Gongchan (Hwang In-yeop).

In the most recent episode, Oh Soo-jae (Seo Hyun Jin) witnessed an unbelievable scene unfold. In the investigation of Park So-young’s suicide case, Hong Seok-pal, who had become the prime suspect, died in a car explosion. Hong Seok-pal who called Oh Soo-jae to tell her about Park So-young’s death, died in a shocking car explosion in front of Oh Soo-jae.

As Oh Soo-jae’s dilemma worsens, unforeseen changes also occur in the relationship between Gong-chan and Choi Yun-sang, who gaze at each other with cold eyes. Attention is drawn to the two people’s immediate encounter, which looks like it could blow up at any second. Tension is produced by the sight of two people looking at each other with cold eyes that they have never previously shown.

Why Her drama Sill Cuts

Choi Yoon-sang discloses his secret to just Gong-chan among her legal clinic members. From his previous relationship with Oh Soo-jae to his relationship with TK law firm’s chairman, Choi Tae-guk. Gongchan is close enough for him to trust him with this information.

Oh Soo-jae, who witnessed the final moments of Hong Seok-pal, is in a difficult situation which will unfold in the seventh episode. The previous teaser also included a moment in which Choi Tae-guk appeared to blame Oh Soo-jae for the Pal’s death, asking, “Isn’t it because of you that he died?” This scene hinted at an unexpected turn of events.

The ‘Why Her’ production team stated, “Please anticipate Oh Soo-jae’s response to this growing crisis. She’ll fight even harder than before.”

Meanwhile, Why Her? is a South Korean drama featuring Seo Hyun Jin and Hwang In Yeop as the main lead. It is a mystery romance drama about Soo-Jae Oh, a frigid lawyer who has grown tired while pursuing only success, and Gong-chan, a warm law school student who is not scared of anything to protect her.

On June 3rd it was premiered for the first time and has already broadcasted 6 episodes. Its 7th episode will premiere on the 24 of June, Friday on SBS.

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