How Suzy Portrays Herself As Both ‘Yumi’ & ‘Anna’ In New Drama “Anna”

Yumi and Anna posters from the Coupang Play series “Anna” have been revealed, and they contain contradicting images of Suzy, which piques interest.

“Anna” is the story of a woman who, as a result of a simple deception, begins to live an entirely different life. Suzy, who contrasts “Yumi” and “Anna” in a stark position, wearing the same shoes (red and black) while wearing the symbolic costumes of a uniform and a dress, respectively, is depicted in the newly published poster.

‘Yumi’ looks at the front with a piercing gaze while wearing unbalanced red high heels in a plain uniform, while ‘Anna’ is getting ready to go out in a stunning gold dress and shoes. Suzy’s polar opposites generate a subtle tension by being positioned in the same pose but in totally different surroundings. At the same time, it makes viewers anticipate Suzy’s new acting transformation through ‘Anna’, which is delicate and dense.

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Suzy as Yumi for ‘Anna’

The posters with the caption “I do everything I set my mind to” heighten interest in the unpredictable story progression of a woman who has led a completely different life, beginning with a minor deception.

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Suzy as Anna for ‘Anna’

Suzy has established herself as a box-office performer in both dramas and movies, and “Anna” is gaining greater attention as her first solo lead part.

Meanwhile, Suzy’s first solo lead drama ‘Anna’ is scheduled to be released on June 24, 2022.

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