Highest Production Cost Ever: BLACKPINK Begins MV Shoot For “August Comeback”

BLACKPINK has begun filming a music video, indicating that the beginning of the biggest work ever will soon begin. The four Blackpink members—Jisoo, Jenny, Rosé, and Lisa—are now filming a music video, according to YG Entertainment on the 26th.

The highest production cost has been incurred, according to YG. “The entire process is going according to plan, having been prepared methodically.”

Blackpink intends to go on the biggest world tour ever after making their comeback in August by performing new song projects one after another.

Earlier, YG Entertainment stated, “A lot of music with an intense sound like Blackpink has been prepared for a long period of time.” “Large projects worthy of that status will continue.”

This is the first comeback by BLACKPINK as a whole after nearly a year and ten months. They issued a pre-release title in June 2020 called “How You Like That,” a special sound source for a collaboration called “Ice Cream,” and their debut full-length album, “THE ALBUM,” in October.

Blackpink at the time shattered the majority of the records for the first, highest, and most of the female groups they set using only music and music videos, despite the limitations placed on their activities owing to the spread of the coronavirus outbreak.

There is a lot of curiosity about the precise contents and release timeline because YG promised a number of new song projects for this comeback. Attention is also being focused on numerous new records set by artists who are expanding their influence in the world of the music sector.

The first K-pop artist in-game concert [THE VIRTUAL] was recently hosted by BLACKPINK on “Battleground Mobile,” receiving a favourable response.

Beyond the comeback preheating effort, exploding popularity is anticipated on July 29 when the music video for the exclusive single “Ready For Love” of this in-game performance will be released.

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  1. As a major BLACKPINK fan, I can tell that the girl group does not disappoint in all their music videos. Today is the release day of their new song, Pink Venom, and it was so epic and bop, to be honest. The visuals of Jisoo, Jennie, Lisa, and Rose are so exquisite, not to mention they brought a lot of energy from every angle. Their company YG always spends a lot of money on their music videos. They are the best!


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