It’s Kim Seon Ho’s Birthday: Here Are 08 Interesting Facts About Him

Kim Seon-ho is a South Korean actor who was born on May 8, 1986, he turned 36 today. He began his acting career on stage, appearing in a number of plays before making his screen debut in 2017 with the film Good Manager. He rose to notoriety after starring in the television series Start-Up (2020) and for his leading part in the drama Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha (2021).

Here Are Some Facts About Kim Seon Ho

1. He Made His Acting Debut At The Age of 32

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Seong-ho’s TV debut came a little late, despite his extensive stage expertise. The actor passed his first audition for the K-drama Good Manager (also known as Chief Kim) in 2017, at the age of 32, making it his first TV show.

2. He Was A Threatre Actor

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Seon-ho made his stage debut as a theatre actor in 2009, before becoming a television actor in 2017. His performances in plays such as The New Boeing Boeing, Rooftop Cat, Sherlock, and Kiss of the Spider Woman won him awards. In an interview, he said, “My stage acting experience is without a doubt the most precious time to me, and it was a much-needed process for me.”

3. He Was Dubbed ‘Dimple Prince’

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The actor was given the nickname “Dimple Prince” for obvious reasons. In an interview with Netflix’s The Swoon, the actor revealed that his dimples are thanks to his auntie, who he inherited from.

4. He Studied At The Seoul Institute of the Arts

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Kim Seon Ho attended the Seoul Institute of the Arts after graduating from high school and obtained a degree from the Department of Broadcasting and Entertainment. He joined a theatre organisation in college and began acting in plays.

5. His Breakthrough & Mainstream Success


His portrayal of a young entrepreneur in the drama ‘Start-Up’ with a terrible past was warmly praised by audiences, earning him a Baeksang Arts Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor – Television. He topped the Korean Business Research Institute’s monthly brand reputation rating index.

He again topped the Korean Business Research Institute’s brand reputation ranking index following the airing of Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha. The series was a domestic and worldwide success, becoming one of the highest-rated television programmes in Korean cable television history.

6. He is a Great Philanthropist


His agency, SALT Entertainment, revealed on January 27, 2021, that he had donated 100 million won (about $90,300) to the Korea Childhood Leukemia Foundation. The same year he also raised more than 100 million won funds under ‘Happy Bean Special Funding’. He also quietly donated 50 million won to the Korea Leukemia Children’s Foundation.

7. He First Boarded an Airplane when he was 32

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Kim Seon Ho has stated that he is terrified of many things. As a result, he didn’t fly until he was 32, and that was only for a family gathering. He also learned the appeal of travelling thanks to the reward vacation from his first drama, Good Manager. To commemorate the show’s success, the cast was given a three-day vacation to Cebu. Since then, he has begun to travel more within the United States. 

8. His Birth Sign Is Taurus

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If you believe in astrology, you already know that a Taurus man is the perfect boy next door. This zodiac sign is known for being humble, introverted, and realistic in its goals. These are also characteristics that some fans admire in Seon-ho.

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