Glitch Kdrama Ending Explained – Are UFOs Jihyo’s Hallucination

With the tenth episode of the Netflix original dra series ‘Glitch’ came to an end confusing viewers whether the aliens were for real or all of the happenings were Jihyo’s hallucination.

Glitch Kdrama episode 10 starts with Bora running in search of something. Hong Ji Hyo was waiting for gospel in a room when mother came in and asked her to put on a strange dress she had prepared. She also told Jihyo that she would keep her a secret.

Hong, being impatient, asked the father, stating it had been so long since she was waiting. “Do you know who the scariest person in the world is?” Father responded. A person who believes in you. He summoned a box and informed her that it was the reason she had come so far. 

Meanwhile, Bora was searching for something, Younggi was confused and kept on asking whether it was true, was it real, did she meet her holiness. Bora replied, what she believes is none of her business, carry on your soul-searching yourself and leave me alone. Jihyo opened the box in hope of finding her chip inside it but she found nothing there. Jihyo argued with the Father, you people operated on me and even made a hole in my head. Father said they found no evidence of her being involved with the aliens, whatever she believed was her hallucinations and she made up those memories.

Bora and Younggi discovered a mysterious drone but was seen by the men there so they fled. Father pleaded Jihyo to be a Messiah for the poor people who believed her for them to attain salvation. He said they already came so far believing all was true so be a fake Messiah. Bora came to the conclusion that director Kim was right, it was all a show, UFOs weren’t coming down.

When Jihyo opened her eyes she found herself sitting on a stage in front of many people. She was declared to be God by the Father. When everyone was about to drink poison, Jihyo shouted I’m no Messiah, it was all a lie, UFOs not coming, if you eat it you all will die, I can’t bring you salvation.

When the preachers were about to capture Jihyo all the lights turned off causing blackout and a mysterious light appeared in the sky, at an instant Jihyo and Bora found themselves hanging in a space with a weird creature who extracted a chip from Jihyo’s head and exploded. When Jihyo and Bora opened their eyes they found themselves in a deserted area believing they saw an alien. 

At the end of Glitch ep 10, Jihyo revealed it was only Siguk who believed everything she told him from the beginning about what she saw. Her boyfriend broke up with her stating he can’t live with a crazy woman. She thanked him saying thank you for saying this instead of her. She came back to her normal life.

Another incident of UFOs landing on Earth resurfaced and people make their own assumption regarding the power outage and other happenings. Jihyo asked Bora to live with her while handling the list of houses she made. Dr asked Jihyo about her hallucinations. 

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