From G-Dragon to BTS’ V, Top 5 Wealthiest K-Pop Idols – Record Update!

The exceptional greatest records of singers, ranging from singer G-Dragon to member V of the boy band BTS, have been revealed.

The cable station Mnet’s “TMI NEWS SHOW” aired a segment on “Record update! K-Pop’s first & best BEST 5” chart on the afternoon of the 14th of September. The records of celebrities who had “billion”-sounding voices were emphasised on this day’s “Best 5 K-Pop.”

#1. G-Dragon

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G-Dragon, Image: Rightful owner

A leader in fashion, G-Dragon took first place. He pays a yearly management fee of more than 13 million won and resides in a lavish apartment in Hannam-dong. It is emphasized that the rent for this apartment alone is around 6 billion won, the first increase in 7 months (December 2017 to August 2018). It is known that G-Dragon paid 16.4 billion won in cash to purchase the apartment he was renting out on a charter earlier this year.

#2. BTS’ V

Kim Tae Hyung, Image: Rightful owner

BTS V placed in second. The ‘record destroyer‘ V holds impressive records, including the most popular fancam view on YouTube, the title of world’s most handsome man, and the most Googled K-pop artist for five years running starting in 2016. He has more than 50 million followers on personal social networking sites and is listed among the top 6 most powerful influencers in the world, standing shoulder to shoulder with Ronaldo, Kendall Jenner, Lionel Messi, and others. One billion won was thought to be the approximate worth of each V’s SNS post.

#3. Ive’s Jang Won Young

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Jang Won You g

With “The Most Expensive Birthday Gift for a K-Pop Idol,” Ive Jang Won-young came in third. For her 18th birthday last year, she raised over 400 million won from just his foreign fans, and he gets showered with expensive clothing, handbags, and shoes on each birthday. Jang Won-young is particularly well-known for using her gift certificate photo to express appreciation for her fans.

#4. BTS’ RM

Kim Namjoon

BTS leader RM, who made an appearance in a simple grey hoodie in recently, attracted a lot of attention, came in fourth place for “K-Pop Best Airport Fashion.” It was unexpected that the total amount worn on one day alone was 116 million won, including pricey watches worth 106 million won and premium L’s clothing and slippers.


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MONSTA X, Image: Rightful owner

The band MONSTA X came in fifth as the most well-known gourmet. Monsta X was proud of his peculiar morning practise of eating eggs, sirloin, pork feet, and sashimi on a bowl of rice. In a class where 50 whole ribs (100 serves) are finished with noodles, it is told that the monthly food expenditure ranges from 20 million won to 30 million won.

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