Forecasting Love and Weather Episode 9 & 10 Recap & Summary

Jin Ha-Kyung (Park Min-young) and Lee Si-woo (Song Kang) dynamically developed an unforeseen secret in workplace romance in the 9th episode of ‘Forecasting Love and Weather: Cruelty of Office Romance,’ which was broadcast on the 12th. Her ex-boyfriend Han Ki-Joon, who works at the same meteorological agency as her, was on the verge of catching her. They even shared opposing opinions on marriage. The ‘Hashu Couple’s love storey was not taken for granted as the environment changed and weather forecasts became more uncertain.

The secret love affair between Ha-Kyung and Si-woo was still going strong. There was a person who orthodoxly watched their love affair the night before. Ha-Kyung, embarrassed by the custom of inquiring “Are you dating Lee Si-woo?” while referring to “kiss,” explained that it was her subordinate, but the uneasiness remained. She even declared a “complete prohibition on outside activities” for Siwoo in the end.

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Han Ki-Joon Forecasting Love and Weather Episode 9

Finally, the two went to a location where they could have a date without being seen by Donghan, as he is staying together with them and Ki-Joon, her ex-bf and co-worker. They were very careful not to draw attention to themselves, but their tail was still attached. The fact that Ha-Kyung and Si-Woo were dating caused Ki-Joon to lose sleep, so he went to see Ha-Kyung early in the morning and surreptitiously followed the two of them on a date.

He was so determined this time to obtain evidence that he couldn’t even take it out or beat it, preventing him from saying anything else. Ki-Joon realised he had left his cell phone in the car. He returned, but the car parked in the non-parking area was towed.

The crisis was over at that moment, but a gloomy cloud loomed over them because of their love weather. Marriage is like a flower blooming in the spring and rainstorms falling in the summer for Ha-Kyung, and it is a natural thing to do when the time comes. Si-Woo, on the other hand, had an entirely different viewpoint. When Siwoo saw a couple make a public proposal in a tavern, he asked, “Why are you taking such an adventure?” He found the concept “the end of love is marriage” it is just too obvious.

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Si-woo was “a person who is pure and clever, has no clue what he has, has high self-esteem, and is handsome and attractive,” according to Si-Woo’s ex-girlfriend Chae Yu-jin. However, when Ha-Kyung inquired as to why she had broken up with such a person, the response was unexpected “He doesn’t want to get married.” Siwoo was uninterested in marrying anyone. Ha-Kyung was once again in serious jeopardy. Si-woo also learns from Ki-Joon that Ha-Kyung only meets him if he is the one to marry, which creates concerns about Si-future Woo’s plans.

Meanwhile, her mother, Bae Soo-Ja, who is desperate for her daughter’s marriage, finds Ha-Kyung’s house and meets Si-woo in the last scene of Forecasting Love and Weather Episode 9.

Jin Ha-Kyung, Lee Si-woo, Han Ki-Joon and Chae Yu-jin has different views on marriage, and the conflict deepened. In Episode 10 of Forecasting Love And Weather.

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Forecasting Love and Weather Episode 10 Screen Capture

“It just doesn’t seem right for me,” Lee Si-woo said when Jin-ha-Kyung inquired why he chose non-marital. It’s also burdensome to be tied up with a family. “I don’t want to burden the person I care about,” he admitted. “Family is a burden to you,” Kyung-Eun Jin stated. “You know what you see,” Lee Si-woo inquired. I’ve made the decision not to marry. “Did you have any disappointments?” “I never dreamed of a relationship that didn’t include marriage,” Jin Ha-Kyung remarked. “It’s not that it’s light or that it’s not sincere,” Lee Si-woo explained. “What will be the end of this relationship?” Jin Ha-Kyung grumbled. What will it be if it isn’t marriage?.

Mrs Bae, preferred Shin Seok-ho, Ha-Kyung Jin’s subordinate, as a son-in-law. Jin-ha-Kyung became enraged when Ms Bae continued to try to weave Jin-ha and Shin Seok-ho together. “They say there are very few things that her parents are pressing her to do, stating it is for their children’s sake,” Si-woo said, taking Jin-Ha’sside “Her daughter and child are only getting older by one year, do you just watch them?” Ms Bae was enraged.

According to Jinha Kyung, “I’m not planning on getting married. I’ve made my decision. Don’t bring up marriage, confrontation, or guys in front of me in the future “She got it right. Lady Bae was dispatched on Ha-Kyung Jin’s behalf by Si-woo. Si-woo reassured Ms Bae by saying “Weddings are not something that can be decided in a day”.

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Forecasting Love and Weather Episode 10

“Why did you do it earlier?” Siwoo Lee inquired when they returned home. According to Jin Ha-Kyung, “It’s not just a bunch of words. I’m seriously considering it. As you mentioned, dating with the goal of marriage is difficult. Relationships that are burdensome on each other are not my cup of tea.”

During this time, Kyung Ha had to select one of her general team 2 members to be dispatched to the Jeju Island Typhoon Center for a month or two. Jin Ha Kyung asked Si Woo, after much thought, ‘Would you like me to go?’ You should definitely go. Lee Si-woo expressed disappointment at Jin Ha-Kung’s unilateral decision.

Forecasting Love and Weather Episode 10

Ki-Joon Han and Yoo-jin Chae decided to take some time apart so they could think about each other. Chae Yoo-jin moved out of the house.

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