Forecasting Love and Weather Episode 8 Recap-Ha Kyung’s Secret Relationship Exposed

In Forecasting Love and Weather Episode 8, Han Ki-Joon finds Jin Ha-Kyung dating her wife’s ex-boyfriend Lee Si-Woo. Previously, in episode 7 of Forecasting Love and Weather, unexpected visitors visit Ha-Kyung’s house.

In Forecasting Love and Weather Episode 8, Chae Yu-jin and Lee Si-woo (Song Kang) had previously lived together, Han Ki Jun finds out. “I guess I’m being punished now,” Han Ki-Joon said as he walked to Jin Ha-Kyung’s house and began drinking. Jin Ha-Kyung, who already knew Chae Yu-jin and Lee Si-woo were living together stated, “If she loves you, she should be able to carry that person coolly into the past,”. Si-woo Lee took Han Ki-Joon and went to Chae Yu-jin and conveyed his discontent with Han Ki-Joon, who had fallen asleep while drinking.

Forecasting Love and Weather Episode 8

On her way to work the next day, Kyung-Ha Jin was involved in a collision accident. While thinking about an argument Si-woo who was upset that Han Ki-Joon had visited the day before and acted like a hawk.   Jin Ha-Kyung phoned Han Ki-Joon numerous times due to her traffic accident insurance problem, and the morning meeting was left to Senior Forecaster. Si-woo was unable to concentrate throughout the meeting after learning about Ha-Kyung’s accident and continued to convey messages of concern but received no response. He also discovered Jin Ha-Kyung and Han Ki-Joon driving together at the Korea Meteorological Administration.

Si-Woo became enraged seeing the two together in a car. Ha-Kyung hastily escorted Lee Si-woo to a location out of sight. “Do you do it if you get caught?” Jin Ha-Kyung insisted. Si-woo remarked, “I desired to be caught. Why didn’t you call me first, or Seon-Im Eom? Why are you bringing Ki-Joon in with you? Other than columns and insurance, there are a few items that have yet to be resolved. Is there any more? “He inquired.

“Why have you been like this since last night?” Jin Ha-Kyung questioned. Siwoo Lee admitted, “Since last night, I’ve been concerned about Han Ki-Joon. I’m not sure how concerned I was. There was an accident, but I didn’t hear about it because I didn’t get a call, so I can’t openly express my concern. I couldn’t stop thinking about the director.”  Jin Ha-Kyung said ‘I’m Sorry, “Stop saying I’m sorry,” Lee Si-woo retorted. I feel like an ugly guy every time I hear that.”

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“I’m not a person who clings to the past,” Han Ki-Joon said when he sees the two of them coming together. “It’s all because of you,” Han Ki-Joon yelled, and couldn’t take it anymore, so he grabbed him by the neck in a conference room full of reporters. After a fistfight, reports circulated that Chae Yoo-Jin’s ex-boyfriend was Lee Si-woo from the Korea Meteorological Administration.

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Ha-Kyung Jin and Si-woo Lee visited a regular store. Jin-ha-Kyung admitted to Lee Si-woo that this circumstance arose as a result of Han Ki-Joon’s willful change of insurance. “I didn’t want to tell you how horrible my last relationship was,” she stated, adding, “I didn’t want to tell you how bad my last relationship was.”Why are you talking to me?” Siwoo inquired. “I’m ashamed of you for a moment,” Jin Ha-Kyung said, “but I think you’ll regret that you misread me.” “It’s a huge problem,” Lee Si-woo admitted. He said, “What if I want everyone to know about this?”

According to Jinha Kyung, “Then it’s a major event. Is our relationship coming to an end? “She gave a kind smile. Ignoring the stares of people around him, Si-woo Lee kissed Ha-Kyung Jin. “What should I do if someone I know sees it?” Jin-ha complained, shocked. According to Si-woo Lee, “This isn’t a business. If you’re concerned about that, Ha-Kyung Jin, you shouldn’t sit next to me and smile pretty like this “and kiss each other once more.

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In the ending of ‘Forecasting Love and Weather Episode 8’, Han Ki-Joon stood outside the store, watching the two of them interact. “It’s absurd,” Han Ki-Joon exclaimed, astonished. Chae Yu-Jin was waiting for Han Ki-Joon on the sofa, when he arrived home he inquired, “She shared a house with Si-Woo.” Han Ki-Joon said “Even though I know everything is well, my heart hurts. It hasn’t left my mind. It’s not acceptable that you had a relationship with someone other than me. I despise being referred to as Si-woo.” He went on to say, “You have no idea who Si-Woo Lee is dating right now. He is dating Ha-Kyung.” Chae-Jun was astonished as if she couldn’t believe what she was hearing.

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