Forecasting Love And Weather Episode 13 & 14 Recap & Summary

Song Kang and Park Min-young had a breakup. The rumour that the two were dating within the organisation, however, quickly went across the Korea Meteorological Administration Office.

The relationship between Jin Ha-kyung (Park Min-young) and Lee Si-woo (Song Kang) spread throughout the Korea Meteorological Administration in the 13th episode of ‘Forecasting Love and Weather‘.

Ha-kyung “Go back immediately,” said to Si-woo Lee. Lee Si-woo, “I was released from the hospital a few days ago. In my line of employment, there are no issues.” Ha-kyung, “Are you achieving your goals? Is it over if you say it one-sidedly like that? Yes, I believe you were discussing it. I have yet to respond. Please wait until then. ” Shin Seok-ho made a critical error. “What is that in Breaking Bros?” Lee Si-woo questioned Shin Seok-ho. On the situation board, Shin Seok-ho submitted an image of a penguin.


Eom Dong-han advised him to leave as soon as possible. “Who is the replacement manager at the yard?” said Seong Mi-jin, the head of the typhoon centre. We don’t make blunders like this.” “What brought you here?” Chae Yu-jin questioned Han Ki-joon. “Of course I came to see you,” Han Ki-joon said. You are not required to take any action. You’re not going to be able to break up like this.” “I’m sorry, Chae-Eun,” he muttered as he got down on his knees. For hurting and upsetting you, I did everything wrong. You’re taking a trip to Seoul with your brother. I’ll get up and announce that it’s going up.” Chae Eun stated that she would find out despite her reservations. When Han Ki-joon heard Chae Eun’s response, he laughed.

Ha-kyung went straight to sea observation to forecast the typhoon’s path. Si-woo followed in Ha-kyung Jin’s footsteps. Ha-kyung asserted that Scenario No. 2 was correct. Lee Si-woo remarked, “The prognosis made by the manager was right. We’ll only be able to escape some southern regions if we keep going down the Southern Sea at this rate.” However, according to Jin Ha-kyung, “The outcomes were as expected, but let’s look at the first forecast scenario. Director Go was also informed in advance.” “Chief Jin, you know that we all get penalised for this, right?” Seong Mi-jin inquired. ‘Ha-kyung Jin,’ responded “I understand. I’ll be the one to bear the burden of the blame.”

According to Seong Mi-jin, “What is Director Jin’s role in this? As the head of the typhoon centre, it is my responsibility if a typhoon deviates from its projected route.” Mi-jin Seong reacted to Ha-kyung Jin’s ruling by saying, “Let’s start with the first case. You performed an excellent job.” “If the northern jet stream’s effect is smaller than projected, the speed of the eastward direction will slow down,” Jin Ha-kyung said earlier. “We will prepare in case it approaches the southern inland of Korea.” Hearing this, Ha Kyung stated, “How about we make a wild guess?” “I realised that the aim of forecasting is to safeguard people’s lives and safety, regardless of whether it’s right or wrong,” Jin Ha-kyung replied. Eom Dong-han stated that the spokesperson’s office would be instructed in accordance with the headquarters.

Due to the heavy waves, the boat in which Jin Ha-kyung and Lee Si-woo were riding shook. Jin Ha-kyung, who was ready to fall, was caught by Siwoo Lee. ‘Now it’s my turn,’ Jin Ha-kyung stated. Which scenario should I use to end my relationship with you? Scenario 1: Hold on a second. Scenario 2: Let’s split up in a calm manner. Scenario 3: I aim to paint a picture of that time that is as hazy as possible. “So, what’s the conclusion?” Siwoo Lee inquired. “Wait a little longer,” Jin Ha-kyung said. Jin Ha-kyung then inquired of Si-woo Lee, “Is it all right with you? Will we still be able to collaborate if our relationship ends?” “Is the director all right?” Lee Si-woo inquired.

In response, Jin Ha-Kyung said, “It’ll all work out. Let’s call it a day, shall we? Let’s call it a day, Lee Si-woo.” “Yes,” Siwoo Lee said with a nod of her head. Jin Ha-kyung stated that the cause of the typhoon is to correct the thermal imbalance created by the earth’s repeated rotation. This storm may be terrible for us right now, but it will benefit everyone in the long run. ‘If only I could make it through,’ she reflected. As a result, the two went back to Seoul. “What should I do with your luggage?” Ha-kyung Jin inquired at the airport. “I’ll take it with me on my next off duty,” Siwoo said.

Lee Si-woo was queried by Eom Dong-Han, “Is he dating Manager Jin Ha-Kyung, as he claims? What should I do as a result of my apologies? How inconvenient it must have been for the two of you to be in the same room as me. When did this happen? ” “Who did you hear about that now?” Siwoo Lee inquired. Eom Dong-han responded with, “What if I said I didn’t know anyone? Except for myself, everyone on our team was aware.” She went on to say, “You’re rather big, by the way. You’re dating Director Jin as well, so it’s not someone else.” Rumours that Ha-kyung Jin and Si-woo Lee were dating circulated throughout the Korea Meteorological Administration thanks to Eom Dong-Han.

Forecasting Love And Weather Episode 13

Si-woo immediately headed to Ha-Kyung Jin’s house. Lee Si-woo remarked, “We’re dating, the director and I. Everyone on our crew were aware of it He stated he also met Jin Ha-Kyung’s mother, during this time.” she said “Were you two dating at the time? It was an odd atmosphere. What exactly is the confusion here? “She stated she also has a photo with the caption, “I know how to get away with it and I have the proof.” Ha-Kyung Jin and Si-woo Lee are seen kissing affectionately in the photo.

Jin Ha-kyung and Lee Si-woo pretended to be dating even after breaking up because of the rumours in episode 14 of ‘Forecasting Love and Weather.”

Mrs. Bae asked Jin Ha-kyung, “What are you doing?” Doesn’t your mother have the right to ask that?” “I’m not sure,” she said. She isn’t required to inquire. We’ve completed our task. Ha-kyung Jin and Si-woo Lee are in the midst of saying their goodbyes to one another. However, rumours spread within the Korea Meteorological Administration because of Dong-Han Eom that Jin Ha Kyung and Lee Si Woo were dating. Si-woo Lee dialed Ha-Kyung Jin’s number and told her, “So, what should I do now?” The rumours appear to be more serious than I had anticipated. ” According to Jin Ha-kyung, “Do not pay attention to it. Simply close your ears and mouth and ignore it. Then, without knowledge, we shall all vanish at some point. ” She further stated that the corporation should not contact her over this.

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The people at the Korea Meteorological Administration stared at Jin Ha-kyung and Lee Si-woo when they walked in together. It was a great day for dating,” a coworker joked with Jin Ha-kyung, before joking that it had been over the line. “Where is the best season for dating?” Jin Ha-kyung recommended that we begin reviewing her data. “Let’s recover our breath, too,” her colleague joked, and Kyung-ha Jin responded, “Please don’t make pointless jokes during work hours.” “I’m running to death with a joke,” her coworker joked as she walked away.

Ki-jun Han, remarked, “I’ve been following Ha-kyung for a while now. I’d grown accustomed to it, and for a time, I forgot how valuable that friend was. I was completely unaware of that “he stated. “What do you want to say?” Siwoo Lee inquired after hearing this.’ Ki-joon Han said, “I just happened to be the evil person in the end. Si-woo Lee, on the other hand, is a little different. It will be too painful for Ha-kyung.

Furthermore, Han Ki-joon stated, “Is that how people think? People seem unconcerned with the fact that we broke up. They only want to know why they broke up. Gender concerns, in addition to job. He only listens to rumours that are detrimental to Ha-kyung, who has been injured. However, as Si-woo Lee is well aware, Ha-kyung Jin is not the type of person who can go public like that. Even so, I hope you do well if you have to say goodbye. Don’t make the same mistakes as me, “He offered sound advice.

Ha-kyung Jin attempted to inform the team members of Si-woo Lee’s breakup. Si-woo Lee, on the other hand, interrupted Jin-ha and pleaded, “Please take excellent care of me.” “Can you tell me why you’re doing this now?” “What the hell is going on?” she inquired. “Let’s keep it a secret for the time being,” Siwoo Lee stated. We’re calling it quits. It’s just inconvenient. It’s only rumoured that we’re dating, but you’ve already broken up with me. People who enjoy talking about themselves will envision, speculate, and talk about themselves. So, how about we simply hang around for a while? He said, “I do.”

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“Is it because of me?” Jin Ha Kyung wondered. Siwoo Lee’s response was, “No, it’s not true. It’s just that I’m not interested in hearing it. I can’t take it when folks who have no idea what they’re talking about talk to the management in a rash manner. That is the reason.” When Jin Ha-kyung heard this, she stated, “That is the nature of her boyfriend’s relationship. I was aware of this, but I chose to proceed along that path.” Si-Woo Lee then met Ms. Bae while roaming in front of Jin Ha’s residence. “I’m passing in front of you,” Si-woo explained. Ms. Bae inquired, “Where has Ha-kyung gone?

Ha-kyung Jin was on her way to the hospital at the moment. His father, Myung-han Lee, summoned Si-woo Lee and Ha-kyung Jin after he was involved in an accident. He stated that he had received word from the doctor that he was conducting tests and had discovered something unusual, similar to what he had heard from the doctor on the eve of the storm. “, Lee stated.

“So, don’t apologise,” he added after Jin Ha Kyung. Even the outcome is a burden I must endure.” “It’s because I can’t manage it,” Siwoo Lee admitted. It’s quite difficult for me to say goodbye right now.” ‘I didn’t want you to become sick because of my clumsy breakup,’ he continued. But I had no idea that would make things more difficult for you.’

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