Forecasting Love And Weather Episode 12 Recap- Let’s Break Up

In Forecasting Love and Weather Episode 12, Lee Si-woo told Ha-Kyung to run away from him because he’ll let her go. Let’s take a break.

In “Forecasting Love And Weather Episode 12″, The Jeju Island Typhoon Center was assigned to Siwoo (Song Kang). He accompanied the observation centre site to rapidly grasp the task, and at the same time, he went to the command from the main office to check the diary of the Seongsan area to grasp the typhoon’s progress. Chae Yoo-jin and his family were also in the area, and they had the chance to encounter Lee Si-woo. Siwoo’s eye was wounded when the equipment he was using to observe a typhoon burst. Yoo-jin Chae accompanied him to the hospital as his guardian.

The news of Siwoo Lee’s injury reached the headquarters as well. Lee Si-Woo’s father, Lee Myung-Han, and Han Ki-Joon travelled to Jeju with Jin Ha-Kyung.

Forecasting Love and Weather Episode 12

Jin Ha-Kyung burst into tears as she gazed at Lee Si-woo with his eyes wrapped with a bandage. “It’s okay,” Lee Si-woo remarked as he hugged Jin Ha-Kyung. Siwoo Lee’s father entered the hospital room shortly after. “Please get out of here,” Si-woo yelled after hearing his father’s voice on Jeju Island. Despite his son’s injury, Si-woo Lee’s father just gave compensation. According to Lee Si-woo, “Because I am injured, I am not someone to be concerned about, and he is not someone who will come to see me on purpose.” He is a wonderful father. He’s the type of person that doesn’t have to bring me here. “

“Didn’t you come alone if you were worried?” Chae Yu-jin asked Jin Ha-kyung. Si-Woo’s father is a parasite. It’s horrible, and I can’t get rid of it; I tried cutting it, but it wouldn’t cut. Si-woo Lee’s father raised a fuss, claiming that he would undoubtedly be compensated in excess of 30 million won.

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At this point, Siwoo Lee removed the eye bandages and replaced them with gauze on the damaged side of the cornea, changed into a regular uniform, and exited the hospital room. To his father, Si-woo Lee, yelled, “Put a stop to it. Play? A gambling swindle? Women? It’s completely sold out. Please move out of my way. ” Ha-Kyung Jin followed Si-woo Lee out of the hospital. According to Kyung Jin, “Let’s have a little discussion. I apologise for not speaking with you before bringing your father here. Lee Si-woo was caught by her.

According to Lee Si-woo, “There are some things in this world that can never be changed. My relationship with my father is similar to how a person cannot modify the direction of a typhoon. It is unchangeable. I have to be myself, just as you are. ” Then he went on to say, “You advised me to consider it. I considered it, but it is unlikely to work. ” So run away from me because I’ll let you go. I’m sorry, but this is all I have. Let’s take a break. ” He was the first to turn and leave.

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