Forecasting Love and Weather Ep 7 Recap & Summary, Si-woo Rejects Ha-Kyung’s Offer

Forecasting Love and Weather Ep 7 Recap and Summary. Previously in episode 6 of Forecasting Love and Weather, Ha Kyung proposed Si-Woo to live together.

Forecasting Love and Weather Ep 7 Recap: Jin Ha Kyung’s (Park Min-young) offer to live together was unexpectedly answered by Lee Si-woo (Song Kang) in the seventh episode. Ha-Kyung intended to get to know her partner better by eliminating the distance between them so that she didn’t make the same mistakes she did with Han Ki-Joon (Yoon Park), but Si-woo was different. He realised that living with her ex-girlfriend Chae Eugene (Yura) didn’t mean getting to know her better, and most importantly, he didn’t want her to be hurt again.

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Forecasting Love And Weather Episode 7

Ha-Kyung’s fears were compounded by the unexpected response to “I want to separate life and love.” It’s similar to ozone, which protects the earth when it’s high in the stratosphere but is harmful to humans when it is close to the surface. Even while the proper distance between ozone and people can be calculated, there was no method to see the appropriate distance between humans and humans immediately. They had to get closer while harming each other, like hedgehogs who are stabbed a lot and figure out the best distance to stick to each other.

Ha-Kyung bumped with him to determine the distance. She shines a light on Si woo’s heart as she recounts the days when her father’s firm went bankrupt and she was forced to be dispersed among her cousins’ homes. “You don’t have to pretend you’re good with trying too hard,” she screamed, respecting both her want to separate her private life from her love life and her desire not to be ashamed of her girlfriend. Si-woo was humiliated when he discovered his inner feelings, yet his heartfelt much better. “I don’t think it will hurt if we go a little closer,” he added. 

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A series of unexpected incidents, on the other hand, turned into thorns that punctured each other. Si-woo, who had been expelled out of the training facility, went out in his spare time to hunt for a house, but finding one that fits the requirements was like picking stars in the sky. So, while sleeping in the automobile, I discovered that senior forecaster Eom Dong-Han (Lee Seong-Wook) was staying at the watch office, and I accidentally fixed the room and dinner with Ha-Kyung there.

The complaints of the personnel who had to utilise the watch room, on the other hand, eventually reached the ears of Ha Kyung. And she was astounded to learn that Si-woo had turned down her proposal and was now living in his car and watch office.

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Dong-Han and Si-woo were brought to Ha-Kyung’s house.  She also provided a solid argument for “a summer control period camp of three general team brains.”Unexpected visitors did, however, arrive at Ha Kyung’s home.  It was Ki-Joon, who was drunk on the fact that Yoo-jin was living with Si-woo, and Shin Seok-ho, who was in charge of the local forecast, who was waiting for the owner of the side dishes left by Jin Tae-Kyung, Ha Kyung’s sister and saw the elevator stop on the 12th floor. The ending was made more enjoyable by the silly faces looking at each other and asking, “Why are you here?”

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Meanwhile, Forecasting Love and Weather Ep 7 received total ratings of 6.4% viewership nationwide and 7.4% in the metropolitan area (1). Episode 8 of Forecasting Love and Weather will air on 6th Feb, Sunday at 10:30 KST.

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