Forecasting Love And Weather Ep 6 Recap, Summary & Photos

In Forecasting Love and Weather Ep 6, Jin Ha-Kyung (Park Min-young) and Lee Si-woo (Song Kang) healed their differences.

Si-woo and Ha-Kyung Jin met at a motel and developed feelings for each other. “Let’s consider again,” Ha-Kyung Jin advised Lee Si-woo. “You’re telling the truth, but I don’t believe you, so let’s think about it for a moment. It’s not for you; it’s for me.” Si-woo Lee revealed that he was forced to stay in a motel because of his father’s gambling addiction.

The chat between Ha-Kyung Jin and Si-woo Lee in front of the motel that day was overheard by Si Woo’s father, who realised the two were lovers. Si-woo Lee’s father met Jin Ha-Kyung and expressed his gratitude by saying, “Si-woo and I don’t seem to be in a relationship very often. I’m aware that Si-woo and I share a hotel room.” He requested some cash.

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Forecasting Love and Weather Ep 6, Image: jtbc

Ms Bae, Ha-Kyung Jin’s mother, collapsed from dizziness and was hurt at the moment. Jin Tae-Kyung contacted her urgently, but Ha-Kyung dismissed her as a liar with whom her mother was attempting to reconcile.  “Her mother is referring to the emergency room,” Si-woo reported to Jin Ha-Kyung, who returned to the Office, after receiving a call from Jin Tae-Kyung on behalf of Jin Ha-Kyung, who had left her cell phone. She stated that she would leave later since she assumed responsibility for her work. “Now, take responsibility as a daughter,” Eom Dong-Han said to Jin Ha-Kyung as he sent her to the hospital.

“This is truly the last time,” Si-woo told his father as he handed him an envelope with ten million won. “I’m terrified of feminine feet,” Si-woo Lee’s father said after meeting Jin Ha-Kyung. Si-woo grabbed his father’s collar in rage and warned, “Why are you torturing me like this? Please don’t meddle with my affairs.”

forecasting love and weather ep 6
Forecasting Love and Weather Ep 6

Si-woo Lee paid a visit to Ha-Kyung. “I’m so sorry that I can’t even say I’m sorry,” Siwoo apologised. “Did you eat?” Kyung Ha said, setting the table with her mother’s meal brought from her house. Jin-ha-Kyung told Lee Si-woo that she had seen her mother hang herself at her home since her father had gone bankrupt. Siwoo Lee was reassured by her words, ” “I had a father like that as well. So, don’t be too harsh with your father.”

Ha-Kyung advised her to move in with Si-woo. According to Ha-Kyung, “Make a promise to me. Please inform me first if you change your mind. Please inform me first, even if your heart is pounding. It’s painful to alter your opinion, but it’s even more painful than that. Promise me you won’t follow in your father’s footsteps or Han Ki-Joon’s footsteps.”I promise,” Siwoo answered. “Let’s stay together for the time being. I’d like to spend some time with you. Let’s all stay here together, shall we? “she stated.

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Forecasting Love and Weather Ep 6 still cuts

Meanwhile, in forecasting love and weather ep 6, Chae Yu-jin and Han Ki-Joon’s relationship began to worsen. Chae Yu Jin asked Han Ki-Joon to postpone her marriage registration.

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