Forecasting Love And Weather Ep 15 & 16 Recap & Ending

In Forecasting Love and Weather Ep 15, Lee Si Woo revealed his affections for Jin Ha Hyung.

The Meteorological Agency was drawn into a controversy due to an unexpected cold wave. Bae Sae pays a visit to Jin Ha-Kyung (Park Min-young) and encounters Lee Si-woo (Song Kang) at her home. Siwoo Lee said when asked about this: “His mother died when he was seven years old, and his father was injured while working on a construction site and is now resting,”.

When Jin-ha-Kyung discovers that Lee Myung-Han (Siwoo’s father) is sick, she assists Lee Myung-Han in performing a biopsy at the hospital. Unaware that Jin-ha and Si-woo Lee had broken up, Myeong-Han Lee frequently contacted Ha-Kyung Jin and made things tough. “Actually, we split up,” Jin-ha-Kyung admitted to Lee Myung-Han, but she honoured Lee Myung’s plea not to tell his son.

Forecasting Love and Weather Episode 15 Recap

The Korea Meteorological Administration’s other teams expected that the early cold wave would pass quickly, while Ha-kyung projected that it would stay longer. Ha-kyung backed up Si-woo Lee’s statement that “the forecast may need to be reversed” by distributing other information from the earlier prognosis that the cold wave would last a few more days.

“Whenever he talks about his father, he behaves like a child,” Si-woo Lee apologised to Ha-kyung Jin, whom he met in the bathroom. Lee was relieved when Jin Ha-kyung said, “It’s okay.” “Why do you keep saying you’re fine and that you understand me?” Si-woo asked. What will you do if I catch up with you again? Then he hugged Jin Ha-kyung and said, “I still like you a lot.”

Then there was a lot of noise outside. The general team’s leader, enraged by Jin Ha-Kyung’s overturning of the forecast, began ranting. “Do you dare to overthrow the senior forecast?” said the chairman of general team 1, grabbing Jin Ha-kyung by the neck. Si-woo Lee, who lost his hand while drying, inadvertently produced a nosebleed in the general team 1. Thankfully, Dong-han Eom arrived and resolved the situation, and the real-life weather followed Jin Ha-Kyung’s forecast. Ha-kyung, who was creaking and matching, rejoiced in creating a fantastic collaboration.

When Chae Yu-jin was pregnant and considering giving birth, Han Ki-joon replied, “That child is welcome in my home. I am an unprepared father, therefore I will appear unattractive in numerous ways, but I want to raise my child aggressively because he or she is ours “. “If you’re not confident, I’ll respect you,” he remarked.

Lee Myung-Han was diagnosed with stage three lung cancer. Without saying anything, Ha-kyung drove Lee Si-woo to the hospital. Myung-Han Lee was diagnosed with lung cancer, which Si-woo Lee learned about. “Why are you doing this to me?” wailed Siwoo Lee. The cops then arrived at the hospital. Lee Myung-han was arrested on suspicion of insurance fraud, according to police.

In ‘Forecasting Love and Weather Ep 16, on the first snowy day, Park Min-young and Song Kang exchanged a reunion kiss.

Forecasting Love and Weather Episode 16 Recap, Source (1)

Forecasting Love and Weather Episode 16, Shin Seok-ho asked Jin Ha-kyung, “Are you planning on attending? In response, Jin Ha-kyung said, “What am I going to do? That is just a rumour.” Ha-kyung Jin clarified, “I’ve never done anything wrong. Si-woo Lee’s mortgage loan has nothing to do with me. So I’m hoping you don’t write nonsense books.”

“It’s a waste merely thinking about cancer,” Lee Myung-han told Si-woo Lee. So don’t cling to the director for dear life. “Do you believe you’ll be able to meet a woman like this for the rest of your life?” He stated his case. “Father, where are you now?” Si-woo Lee persuaded. Dad still needs to be tested, and if you can get surgery after seeing the test results, I’d like to take advantage of it.

Si-woo Lee was urged to stop by Lee Myung-Han. Siwoo Lee, on the other hand, cried and said, “Tell me to go and act like a parent. My father doesn’t have to leave me with any positive memories if he has a conscience. I’ll do everything in my power to help him. Stay with me until then “. Jin Ha-Kyung was advised by Han Ki-Joon not to forget Lee Si-woo. He made mistakes as a guy, but he doesn’t want to make the same mistakes as a friend.

“Why are you breaking up with Si-woo Lee?” Ms. Bae asked Ha-kyung. “I couldn’t split up because I didn’t want to break up,” Ha Kyung explained. My partner has requested me to end our relationship, but I am unable to do so? “Actually, Mom, I’m having a hard time right now as well,” she said, her eyes welling up with tears. “Do you know what the most absurd words in the world are?” Ms Bae questioned Si-Woo Lee when they met. You’re breaking up with them because you love them.

“From that standpoint, you are the one who loves our baby less,” Ms Bae added. “It isn’t,” Siwoo Lee argued. “She mentioned you wanted to break up first?”I stated that because the management was scared it would be difficult,” Lee Si-woo explained. Still, I had no idea I’d say things like ‘I know’ or ‘Let’s break up right now.’

Ha-kyung and Si-woo met on the first snow day. “How did you hear about this place?” Ha-kyung asked. “I’m going to investigate the first snowfall. People don’t seem to mind the first rain, but they love the first snow, right?” he went on to say, “These are the eyes I’ll never forget. Just like the day I met the director for the first time. Do you recall? The first time we met, “reminiscing on their first meeting. At the same time, Ha-kyung Jin and Si-woo Lee yelled “March 14!”

“There is a Spanish saying that states if it is sunny every day, it becomes a desert,” Jin Ha-Kyung added. To be honest, I was initially intrigued by Si-woo Lee’s bright and healthy appearance. At the moment, I was fatigued and dejected. As I learned more about what you did, I got to know you better, and as a result, I grew as a person.”

He went on to say, “So I hope you don’t despise or dislike your downpour. Rain and wind generally pass by unnoticed. Everyone has their own rain and wind, and it would be a little more reassuring if you weren’t alone when it came to rain and wind. I wish it had been you,” he added.

Si-woo Lee, “I’m not a big fan of dating. So, do you want to date? If it’s nice, we’ll date; if it’s not, we’ll date. Which one is it, exactly?” In response, Jin Ha-kyung said, “I’m in love with you. I have a great deal of affection for you.” Lee Si-woo gave Jin Ha-Kyung a warm hug and remarked, “I love you even more. I love you more than I do now, and I will continue to love you.” They also exchanged a reunion kiss.

Following that, Ha-Kyung Jin and Si-woo Lee went about their business as usual. ‘Perhaps the answer in life isn’t decided in the first place,’ Jin Ha-Kyung replied. Only the procedure of converting our options into the proper response remains. As a result, we are no longer terrified of being wrong today. ‘For tomorrow’s response is just thought.

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