Forecasting Love And Weather Ep 11 Recap- Song Kang Injured In An Accident

In “Forecasting Love and Weather Ep 11″, after hearing that Si-woo Lee (Song Kang), who had been dispatched to Jeju Island, had been injured in an accident, Jin Ha-Kyung (Park Min-young) was moved to tears.

‘Forecasting Love and Weather Ep11’, Si-woo texted Ha-Kyung, stating, ‘It’s the last weekend before we go to Jeju Island.’ During the meeting, Jin-ha-Kyung noticed Si-woo’s text message and stated that she was unable to concentrate on the discussion, referring to Gapyeong duck Baek-suk. “Have you decided on the typhoon centre?” Go Bong-chan inquired. “Oh yes,” Ha-Kyung said, puzzled. “You haven’t decided yet?” Ko Bong-chan inquired. “I’m going,” Siwoo said as he raised his hand.

Forecasting Love and Weather Ep 11 (jtbc)

“Are you looking forward to visiting Jeju Island?” Ha-Kyung asked. Lee Si-woo said, “I was ecstatic since it wasn’t Jeju Island but a typhoon centre. I had a strong desire to work there.” Ha-kyung Jin, “I’m hoping for the best. Everything is possible, so please make the best of it.” Lee Siwoo, “What is your motivation for doing this? Who was the first person to leave?” “I don’t think there’s a duck in Gapyeong,” Jinha Kyung commented before leaving.

Jin Ha-Kyung and Lee Si-woo were contacted by Go Bong-chan to discuss dispatching the typhoon centre to Jeju Island. This is Go Bong-chan, who relayed the Jeju Typhoon Center’s advice to arrive fast. Jin Ha-Kyung, on the other hand, disagreed, saying, “Yesterday, I spoke with Special Advisor Lee Si-woo.

There’s a crisis in the main office as well, so it’ll be quick.” Siwoo Lee has stated that he will visit this weekend. Jin Ha-Kyung, who had just walked out of Ko Bong’s chamber, inquired, “How can you explain that it’s fine to be so quick? What are your plans for tomorrow?” Lee, Si-woo, replied, “In Gapyeong, he said he didn’t like Ori Baek-sook. Despite the fact that my weekend plans were incorrect, I went to work at the typhoon centre.”

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Forecasting Love and Weather Ep 11 (jtbc)

“Why do you keep saying this and that and confusing people?” Siwoo Lee inquired. “What do you mean?” Jin Ha-Kyung responded. “You didn’t want to be alone for a while?” Siwoo Lee inquired. Have you parted ways with me? So you didn’t advise me to visit Jeju Island? Because you’re travelling a few days sooner, why are you doing this?” “I get what you’re getting at, but I don’t let my personal feelings influence business decisions,” Jin Ha-Kyung responded. “I’ll go down tomorrow Director,” Siwoo Lee drew a line by saying this.”

Oh Myeong-Joo, suggested a dinner party. “What’s up with you again?” Jin Ha-kyung inquired. “No. No,” says Si-woo. It’s not like I’ve ever been in a bad mood. I’ve never been upset since my supervisor urged me to go to Jeju Island. I am not a ‘boy,’ but rather an adult. “You’re a man,” she said. “Did you correctly name it a special report?” he continued. I understand that you wish to distinguish between public issues, the Korea Meteorological Administration, and myself, and love. I understand the director’s stance and would like to be able to equal it in some way. I’m not Han Ki-Joon, whom you previously dated. So, in the relationships I’m in, My love is mine.

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Lee Si-woo, “When I think of Han Ki-Joon, I’m frightened I’ll suffer the same fate. That’s true. I don’t even consider getting married. I’m a guy who can’t do anything. I was conceived. But I’d like to love you. But please accept my apologies if this has caused you any confusion. I’m sorry, but you can’t make any promises and can only love me. So it’s fine if you want to reconsider your relationship with me. However, only in moderation. I’m not certain, “he stated “What do you mean?” Ha-Kyung Jin inquired after hearing this. Siwoo Lee’s response was, “While I’m on Jeju Island, think carefully. Whether or not you’ll be able to keep up with me.”

“You asked me not to publish articles like this,” Ha-Kyung said Han Ki-Joon. Han Ki-Joon had completely lost his mind. “Chae-Yun is gone,” he admitted. They advised that we split up. Kyung-ah, what should I do now?” “Did something else happen?” Jin Ha-kyung inquired. “Isn’t that what you are?” Han Ki-Joon asked. I felt like I was being pushed ahead of my work every day when I was seeing you. Every time this happens, I am unhappy because I want to claim that I am unfit for employment, and I am a naive person every time I think about such things.

“It appeared to happen,” he explained. She went on to say, “When you urge me to discriminate between public and private, you are authoritative, but one day I realised I was doing the same thing to Chae Yu-Jin. In every scenario, she compares Ha-Kyung to me.” Ha-Kyung Jin remembered his own statements comparing-woo and Han Ki-Joon in response to Han Ki-Joon’s words.

Forecasting Love and Weather Ep 11 (jtbc)

Jin Ha-Kyung was drinking with her colleagues. Si-woo was concerned because Ha-Kyung had not returned his call. Ha-Kyung had arrived at the location where Si-woo had received the call from Oh Myung-Joo and had fled. “I’m out,” Siwoo said. Are you completely drunk? “Are you able to walk?” “I want to do well, “Ha-Kyung admitted. I’d like to do well with both you and me. But that’s all there is to it. I prefer to love moderately, love moderately, and be moderately stable. “I feel like I’m simply becoming a different person and not myself,” she concluded. As a result, I’m merely in moderation. So it’s up to you. Go to Jeju Island and make your own decision.”

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Forecasting Love and Weather Ep 11 (jtbc)

Si-woo Lee went to Jeju Island. Chae Yu-jin broke the news of Lee Si-woo’s accident not long after. Jin Ha-Kyung was taken aback when she heard the news and remained silent. Chae-Yun dialled Han Ki-Joon’s number and informed him that Si-woo Lee had been hurt. Han Ki-Joon when told her why he was with Si-woo Lee, “Unintentionally. We happened to meet there by chance.” According to Jin Ha-Kyung, “It’s all thanks to her. He had a serious accident because he was in a relationship with her and they broke up.

Forecasting Love and Weather Ep 11 (jtbc)

At the end of “Forecasting Love and Weather Ep 11”, “What a sensitive and harsh person I was,” Jin Ha-Kyung remarked. “What should I do now?” she added. She sat down and thought, “I didn’t increase that last one degree Celsius to the boiling point because I was scared I wouldn’t be able to take it, therefore I wouldn’t be able to regulate my emotions,” she reasoned at the time.

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