Fans Sent 1000 kg Rice Wreath To Congratulate Han Young & Park Goon On Their Wedding

Park Goon and Han Young tied the knot at the Grand Ambassador Hotel in Jangchung-dong, Seoul, on the 26th.

When Park Goon and Han Young debuted as MCs on SBS FiL’s entertainment programme ‘Do You Reveal Your Daily Life’ last year, they became lovers. They were believed to have known each other as seniors and juniors in the entertainment industry and to have been close friends, but it was via the programme that they became serious lovers.

Park Gun-eun rose to prominence after announcing his marriage to Han-young on the SBS entertainment programme ‘My Ugly Little Bird on which he appears frequently.

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Han Young & Park Goin Wedding

Lee Sang-min, with whom Park Goon and Han Young had formed a friendship in ‘Miu Bird,’ took over as moderator, and Tak Jae-hoon read the proclamation of marriage, applauding and cheering for Park Gun and Han Young s future.

Im Won-hee, Kim Jun-ho, Kim Jong-kook, Kim Jong-min, Oh Min-seok, and Choi Si-won, members of the ‘Miwoo Bird,’ also attended Park Goon and Han Young’s wedding, adding to the significance.

The trot and music industry seniors, on the other hand, celebrated the wedding with a congratulatory song since he was a fan of the blockbuster song ‘Have a Drink.’ To celebrate Park Gun and Han Young on their nuptials, Trot senior Jin Sung and coyote member Kim Jong-min did a duet together.


Park Gun and Han Young’s side produced an official photo shortly after the wedding to honour the many people who wished them well.

Park Gun and Han Young, clad in black tuxedos and white gowns, created a lovely environment with the scenery of the new groom and bride before the full-scale wedding.

Their fans sent 1000kg rice wreath to congratulate Park Goon and Han young on their marriage. It’s an indication that the fans’ congratulations on Park-Gun and Han-Young’s wedding shone brighter than usual.

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