‘F4 Hwanhonz’ Lee Jae-Wook, Hwang Min-Hyun, Shin Seung-ho & Yoo In-soo Stealing Women’s Hearts

Alchemy of Souls, Shin Seung-ho (Go-won), Yoo In-soo (Park Dang-goo), Lee Jae-wook (Jang-wook), Hwang Min-Hyun (Seo-Yul), and Yoo In-soo (Park Dang-goo) as “Hwanhons F4” are gathering praise and stimulating women’s emotions on the screens.

The bond between Jung So-min (Mudeok-i) and Lee Jae-Wook, Hwang Minhyun, and Yoo In-soo, the descendant of the Great Patriotic Kingdom’s four greatest magicians, and Shin Seung-ho, the Crown Prince of the royal line, has viewers enthralled by their performances.

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Lee Jae Wook as Jang Wook

First, the Jang family’s young master, Lee Jae-wook, glides easily between the noble young master and the terrible student in the drama, creating excitement and hilarity at the same time. Moo-deok-i, who has struggled to regain her vigour while being unafraid to admit her weakness, needs a dependable master. In particular, Mudeok added to the excitement by becoming his master and maid at the same time. Expectations are therefore concentrated on Lee Jae-wook’s character Jang-wook, who just about crosses the line between his master and his lover, to display his boundless charisma.

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Minhyun as Yun Seo

Second, Hwang Minhyun the brilliant scion of the renowned Seo family. He is perfect in every way—beautiful appearance, a sharp mind, and outstanding literary and martial arts prowess—but he is too idealistic to be realistic. Seo Yul is also an unrepentant romantic who has a secret crush on a secret woman and the woman happens to Mudeok. Seo-Yul has a whistle that holds memories of his first love, young Mudeok. On the other hand, viewers are intrigued to know what would happen once this secret will reveal in the drama.

20220707 185056
Shin Seung Hi as Go Won

Third, Shin Seung-ho is simultaneously establishing himself as a desirable newcomer to Hwanhons. He initially appeared to be Jang-wook and Mudeok’s rival, but as the drama goes on, he pours out a charm that is the complete opposite and captivates the viewer’s screen.

Viewers laughed in particular at Go Won’s crap chemistry in the previous episodes, which began when Moo-deok splashed dung water while the Crown Prince and Jang-wook sparred over possession of Jang Kang’s sword. When he got to know about Jang Wook’s marriage with Jin, he told Mudeok to serve him as her master boosting the stakes in the romance by discreetly expressing interest in Moo-deok.

20220707 185055
Yoo In Soo as Park Dang Goo

Last but not least, Yoo In-soo, the Park family’s heir, Park Dang-goo, Moo Deok’s lone supporter. Despite being the heir of a prominent family, the gregarious and well-liked Park Dang Gu is more interested in Daeho rumours and partying than his business. The connection that Dunggoo had with Jincheon in the last episode captivated the viewers, and they are eager to see how their relationship will progress in the upcoming episodes.

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