Extraordinary Attorney Woo Episode 9 Recap: Lee Jun-Ho’s Straight Confess’ To Woo Young-Woo

In Extraordinary Attorney Woo Ep 9, Bang Gu-ppong was arrested on the suspicion that he had illegally taken the children from the academy. The Mujin school bus that Bang Goopong had stolen was managed by his mother who was the director of School.

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Extraordinary Attorney Woo Episode 9

The director admitted, “it was difficult for me to raise my three sons by myself, after their father died.’ Nevertheless, I enrolled three of my boys in Seoul National University. That experience helped me launch a private academy. After that, the director bowed his head and said, “I couldn’t stop him from going to the detention centre, but we shouldn’t send my child to prison. Help me, please.

The Han Bada attorneys argued that Bang Goopong suffered from a mental disease, but Bang Goopong remained adamant that he was powerless to stop the kidnapping of children. Woo Young-woo met the children in person because it was difficult to get a letter of complaint from their parents. She learned that all the children were running around the academy until 10 p.m. because of their parents’ excessive zeal for learning and their inability to play or sleep.

Bang Gu-ppong, according to Woo Young-woo, is not a suspect in the kidnapping of children but rather a mental criminal. Woo Young-woo was thanked by Bang Gu-ppong for listening to his story, and he was urged to include the children in his closing remarks.

Eventually, attorneys for Hanbada showed up in court with the children. In front of the children, Bang Goopong sung and shouted an oath that they previously played together. In the end, Bang Goopong was spared from prison because the judges and other adults who witnessed this were able to comprehend Bang Goopong’s actions and remarks.

On the other hand, Woo Young-woo claimed to like Lee Jun Ho on this particular day, but she was concerned by Lee Jun-ho, who was left without any other options, and the circle instructed Lee Jun-ho to be kind to her. Lee Jun-ho then asked Woo Young-woo why she was so kind to him after Woo Young-woo removed Lee Jun-ho’s chair and carried his things.

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Extraordinary Attorney Woo Ep 9

At the end of Extraordinary Attorney Woo Ep 9, Jun-ho rushed to Woo Young-woo after hearing Min-woo Kwon’s advise. Woo Young-woo turned to face at Lee Jun-ho when he stated, “I have something to tell you.” I like you, Lee Jun-ho stated as he approached Woo Young-woo. I’m so in love with you that it makes my stomach hurt. At this, Woo Young-woo made a surprised expression.

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