Extraordinary Attorney Woo Episode 16 Preview and What To Expect

Before the 16th episode of the ENA and Netflix’s “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” (written by Moon Ji-won, directed by Yoo In-Sik, and produced by A-Story, KT Studio Genie, and Romantic Crew) was broadcast, the production team revealed some points to look forward in episode 16. Kang Tae-oh and a mysterious man were caught. In addition, the reunion of Woo Young-woo and Tae Su-mi, Han Seon-Yeong and Tae Soo-mi (Jin Kyung), who is about to hold a hearing for the Minister of Justice nominee, signalled an unexpected development.

In the most recent broadcast, Jang Seung-jun and Woo Young-woo defended the big online shopping mall Raon. Customers were even prepared for a joint lawsuit after Raon failed to stop hacking and disclosed more than 40 million people’s personal information. A 300 billion won fine was also levied. Woo Young-woo responded by pointing out that the Information and Communications Network Act revision date was following the incident, but Jang Seung-jun was upset with her for expressing her views and disqualified her from the case. Woo Young-woo was replaced by Choi Soo-Yeon (Ha Yun-Kyung) and Kwon Min-woo (Joo Jong-hyeok).

The stills that were made public on the 18th reveal the incomplete story of Woo Young-woo and Lee Jun-ho. Lee Jun-ho returns to Woo Young-woo’s house and attracts attention after discovering after the fact why Woo Young-woo wants to break up. Additionally, a suspicious-looking man running after Woo Young-woo was also caught. Then, Woo Young-woo, who is holding a paper envelope bearing the name Taesan law firm, and Lee Jun-ho, who is visibly uneasy next to her, add to the intrigue.

Woo Young-woo and Tae Su-mi’s face-to-face confrontation was also revealed. What was Woo Young-woo’s reason for attending the HR hearing? It was revealed through earlier broadcasts and trailers that the youngster accused of hacking Raon was Tae Soo-mi’s son, which signaled a change in course. What will happen to the two of them who are biologically connected and intertwined tightly is the subject of attention. The suspense is mostly increased by Han Seon- young’s calm eyes, which guard her important secret. Her decision to just look at the chance to press Tae-san is also worthy of note.

Due to Choi Sang-Hyeon’s, the son of Tae Soo-mi, confession, Woo Young-woo, Raon’s attorney, finds herself in a difficult situation in the last episode. Woo Young-woo’s exceptional performance, which distinguishes her from other attorneys, shines through to the very end in order to safeguard the client’s interests, ascertain the truth of the case, and capture two rabbits.

According to the ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’ production team, Woo Young-woo, who has been considering what a real lawyer is, will have to make a different decision in this case.

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