Extraordinary Attorney Woo Episode 12 Recap

In Extraordinary Attorney Woo Ep 12, the law firm Han Bada team and attorney Woo Young-woo (Park Eun-bin) took on the case of “Mir Life Insurance,” which was charged with “sex discrimination that urged illegal retirement.” Woo Young-woo started to question if her actions at Mir Life Insurance, which led female employees to be fired unfairly, were morally correct.

Tae Su-mi had told Kwon Min-woo to “make Woo Young-woo quit her job at Hanbada,” so Kwon Min-woo went to Woo Young-woo. “How do you feel working in a big law firm?” Kwon Min-woo confused Woo Young-woo with his talkings about justice and morals.

Lee Jun-ho and Young-woo went on a “Dolphin Liberation Protest” date. Woo Young-woo inquired about the role of a lawyer during a date with Lee Jun-ho. ‘There are people who have their own answers, like lawyer Jung Myung-seok,’ said Junho Lee in response. ‘But there are many people who keep thinking and shaking.

Is it because Hanbada is a large law company, asked Woo Young-woo? There is no location that puts more effort into public interest matters than huge law firms, Lee Jun-ho remarked, encouraging Woo Young-woo. He went on, “Take your time deciding because it can’t be decided right away. Whatever the outcome, I will continue to support attorney Woo Young-woo.”

While returning from a date with Lee Jun-ho, Woo Young-woo surveyed her surroundings. Young-woo Woo responded, “My father witnessed us kissing,” when questioned why by Jun-ho. She also mentioned that her father asked to her to bring Jun-ho but she refused telling mostly because we aren’t dating.”

In response, Lee Jun-ho said, “Why would I have staged a dolphin liberation protest on my day off if it weren’t for us?Junho displayed his genuine feelings sayings, “On a date, people don’t go running or pick up trash. On that particular day, the attorney actually picked up garbage.” “I only ate gimbap throughout the restaurant tour, and when I got to the arcade, I simply searched for the wrong image as we’re so fast at that.

Why are you dating me when you’re not having fun, questioned Woo Young-woo. I did it because I like you, Lee Jun-ho replied making viewers’exclaimed in joy.

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