Extraordinary Attorney Woo Episode 11 Recap: A Lottery Lawsuit

In Extraordinary Attorney Woo Ep 11, Attorney Woo Young Woo was in charge of the lottery distribution lawsuit.

Shin Il-soo and his wife, Seong-ji, visited Hanbada. Shin Il-soo bought a lottery ticket with his friends at the gambling cafe and promised to share the money if any of them won. However, one of them won the lottery but refused to divide the money, so Shin Il-soo, sued him for not keeping his promise.

Woo Young-woo and Jeong Myeong-seok were reluctant to know that the lottery tickets were purchased as gambling stakes, but they ended up taking charge of the case after seeing his wife pleading and hearing how she lived all of her life in misery.

Woo Young-woo and Shin Il-soo, the gambler, went to the gambling hotel. Woo Young-woo and Shin Il-soo asked about Han Byung-gil, an employee who had bought the lottery tickets for Mr. Shin and his two friends, and heard their conversation about splitting the lottery among the three.

Han Byung-gil admitted that he heard their conversation, but he insisted that he would not go to trial to testify as a witness.When Shin Il-soo persuaded Han Byung-gil to testify, he told him that in return he might receive a sizable sum of money. Woo Young Woo expressed shock and the advice to avoid paying off witnesses.

However, Shin Il-soo made gestures stating that there was no such flexibility.Along with Mr. Shin, Woo Young-woo and Jung Myeong-seok appeared in court. Insisting that verbal agreements constitute contracts and agreements, Jung Myeong-seok promised to provide a witness. Han Byung-gil, who was meant to attend as a witness, did not show up in court. 

However, in the next hearing, Shin Il-soo called a coffee shop (a girl who brews coffee at the gambling hotel) as a witness in the subsequent courtroom. The accused said that Shin Il-soo had a relationship with the coffee shop, but the two simply denied it. Eventually, the testimony was believed, and Shin Il-soo was declared the winner and awarded the cash. 

After receiving the money, Mr. Shin showed his true colours; he even asked attorney Wooyoung whether he had to share the winnings if he divorced, and Woo Young-woo said that he did not have to share the winnings. Young-woo became suspicious of him, so she disguised herself as a customer and not an attorney and visited Mrs. Shin’s kimbap restaurant where she, along with Jun, talked about a divorce case, making salt and pepper as a reference to give hints to Mrs. Shin, which she understood.Shin Il-soo assaulted his wife, Seong-ji, and demanded a divorce. His wife visited Hanbada and asked if she could get a share in the winnings, but they refused to take her case as she didn’t have any proof in written or audio form.

At the end of Extraordinary Attorney Woo Ep 11, Young-woo Woo and Jun-ho Lee met Mrs. Shin. Shin Il-soo bought a luxurious car after seeing his wife with the attorney. He was driving his car in a hurry when a truck collided with his car and he died as a result. Shin Il Soo was then given Shin’s whole winnings and insurance payouts. 

Meanwhile, attorney Kim Min-woo visited Tae Su-mi, claiming he knew that attorney Wo was her daughter and asked for a position in the Taesang firm in order to keep this secret. Tae Sumi promised Min-woo that she would let him work under her if he would make attorney Woo quit the Hanbada firm.    

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