Extraordinary Attorney Woo Episode 10 Recap: Woo Young Woo & Lee Jun Ho’s First Kiss

In Extraordinary Attorney Woo Ep 10 Lee Jun-ho (Kang Tae-oh) and Woo Young-woo (Park Eun-bin) shared their first kiss.

Woo Young-woo earlier heard Lee Jun-ho’s confession and fled. She admitted it her friend that, nothing came to her mind at that time and she wanted to leave. Woo Young-woo visited Lee Jun-ho after hearing the her friend’s suggestions and those of the pub’s manager.

She asked, “Do you still like me?” Yes, I like you, Junho said in response. Instead of starting a relationship right away, Woo Young-woo responded, “I’m sorry for that,” and suggested, “Why don’t we get to know each other while dating?” Lee Jun-ho said, “Good idea,” and Woo Young-woo gave him a list of dates she had made.

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Junho Lee asked, “Can you add it? Can you take me home? Today, I’ll drive you to the lawyer’s house.” After that, he enquired, “Can’t you hold hands on the way home?”Woo Young-woo responded, “No,” adding, “Holding hands is not simple; even my father and I were only able to do it for 57 seconds. (Holding hands) makes me want to let go.” However, he made the suggestion, “Would you like to hold it till 57 seconds?”

Woo Young-woo began the stopwatch while holding hands with Lee Jun-ho. She quickly pulled out her hand and apologised, “I can’t. I’m sorry.” Hold hands next (let’s do it), Junho Lee chuckled and said, “No, I’ll take you home today.”

The two people having a date while strolling along Deoksugung’s stone wall route were then depicted. Meanwhile, Jun-ho reconnected with his college friend. His friend thought he was volunteering when they saw him earlier with Woo Young-woo.

By bringing up the volunteer group once more, the juniors made things difficult for Lee Jun-ho. However, Jun-ho Lee introduced Woo Young-woo and said, “She’s the one I work with, and I’m on a date with her. Greetings to all.”

This time, Lee Jun-ho was taken home by Woo Young-woo. “Min-woo is late, so why not go home for a while?” Lee Jun-ho asked. “Then I’ll take you home,” he responded in response to Woo Young-woo’s refusal. Woo Young-woo made the point, “Lee Jun-ho laughed and asked, “Isn’t dating like that? Isn’t it too ineffective. It’s pointless, ineffective, and stupid, don’t you think?”

Woo Young-woo remarked: “Just liking it won’t cut it if you’re disabled. It doesn’t matter whether it’s love if you claim it’s not someone else.” I don’t know if it’s your case or mine, Woo Young-woo stated in response to Lee Jun-ho mentioning Yang Jeong-il (Lee Won-jeong), a man with an intellectual impairment who received a two-year prison sentence for quasi-rape. Even if it’s not someone else’s, if I claim it’s love, it is love, according to Lee Jun-ho.

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Extraordinary Attorney Woo Episode 10

Woo Young-woo asked, “Love with me is hard. Still going to do it?” Yes, Jun-ho replied. Young-woo turned to face Jun-ho Lee as the light in the hallway came on, releasing the tension.

Woo Young-woo, however, approached Lee Jun-ho and kissed. Do your teeth typically bump like this when kissing? she inquired after briefly parted her lips. Junho laughed at this and remarked, “It would be wonderful if you could widen your mouth a bit. I believe it would be better if you did as well.” So they shared a kiss to express their mutual confirmation of their feelings.

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