Extraordinary Attorney Woo Ending Explained: A Happy Ending

In Extraordinary Attorney Woo Ep 16, which was the last and final episode of the ENA and Netflix Wednesday and Thursday drama, attorney Woo got her contract renewed with Hanbada and was also reunited with Lee Jun Ho. 

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Extraordinary Attorney Woo Final Episode, Image: Twitter

Extraordinary Attorney Woo Ep 16 Recap 

Tae So Mi’s son decided to confess his wrongdoing of hacking Raon’s data and told Tae So Mi that he was the one who hacked Raon and stole their data. Tae So Mi became ignorant of this and asked him to stay quiet and not to tell anyone about this.

But he was still persistent and wanted to confess his wrongdoing, so he visited Woo Young-woo and confessed everything in front of her. When Woo Young-woo asked him why he was telling her this and not the police, he said his mom has connections everywhere, so nobody heard him, not even the police. 

Tae Soo Mi’s son also revealed that he knew Woo Young-woo was his half sister. He handed over a pendrive containing his video confession and asked her to use it as evidence in court. Woo denied it because it was the co-founder and co-CEO of Raon who asked Tae So Mi’s son to hack Raon. Woo Young-woo told her half brother that she would not use this evidence because it breaches the attorney-client’s rule. 

Later, she visited Attorney Jung to seek his opinion regarding attorney-client relations and social justice. Attorney Jung told her it’s up to her to choose whatever she wants to. At the next hearing, Woo Young-woo decided to disclose the evidence and asked the judges to let her show the evidence in a closed courtroom because the evidence had a minor confessing the truth. The evidence was rejected by the judges. 

Woo Young-woo had to bring Tae Su Mi’s son to the courtroom to have him confess, or else Hanbada decided to reveal the truth to the public, so Woo Young-woo pleaded and told them that she would convince Tae So Mi and bring his son to the courtroom. Woo Young-woo visited Tae Soo Mi, who was attending a Ministry candidacy hearing, but Lee Jun Ho convinced her to meet Woo Young-woo. 

Meanwhile, Lee Jun Ho once again confessed his true feelings to Woo Young-woo, which she finally acknowledged and accepted. Tae So Mi also agreed to let her son confess his wrongdoings.  

At the next hearing, Woo Young-woo presented Tae So Mi’s son in the courtroom, who told the whole truth behind his hacking of personal data of Raon’s customers and who made him do so. The trial went in Woo Young-woo’s favour, and Hanbada once again won the case. 

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Extraordinary Attorney Woo Last Episode

Jung Myeong Seok was also reunited with his ex-wife. All the attorneys, including Kwon Min Suk, Choi Seon Young, Woo Young-woo, and Lee Jun Ho, met at Hairy’s pub, where they were later joined by Myeong Seok and his ex-wife. So the final episode of Extraordinary Attorney Woo ended happily with Woo Young-woo getting her contract renewed with Hanbada and her feeling of fulfilment.   

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