Extraordinary Attorney Woo Complete Review- Why You Should Watch It

The immensely popular and the most talked about the drama of 2022, “Extraordinary Attorney Woo,” which finished on the 18th of August, is about the development of brilliant genius attorney Woo Young-Woo (Park Eun-Bin), who has autism spectrum disorder. She made the television audience laugh and feel things.

Woo Young-woo faced various cases and people in each episode, and in the courtroom, she battled prejudice and discrimination but above all she proved her worth overcoming those hurdles. This story also provided viewers with a point of entry into a world that is slightly distinct from others.

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The actors who portray the drama’s theme enhanced “Woo Young-woo” through their understated and delicate acting techniques. Park Eun-bin stood in the middle of it playing the titular role of Woo Young-woo. Her portrayal of the development of “Woo Young-woo,” a young attorney with autism spectrum disorder and a genius mind, was favourably praised.

“My name is Woo Young-woo, read it straight or read it backwards,” of Park Eun-bin as she displayed the peculiar and unique setting of “Woo Young-woo,” thrilled audiences everytime whenever she introduced her self. Her voice tone, body language, walk, gaze, and breathing caused viewers to instantly become engrossed in “Woo Young-Woo.” She succeeded in finishing the 16-episode long breath without losing her strength by adding her own wonderful and cute charm, which strengthened us liking for the drama.

People’s understanding of autism and how people with autism react to disorientation has been greatly aided by Park Eun-bin’s acting talents. Park Eun-bin was warmly encouraged for “acting kindly” during the broadcast by the fans.

Following “Woo Young-Woo,” it caught the attention of the advertising sector and international media. Her social networking service (SNS) account gained over 1.5 million new followers, and her first solo fan event since her debut quickly sold out, garnering media attention.

Additionally, Kang Tae Ho who played Lee Jun Ho, also become famous. Lee Jun-ho turned Woo Young-woo’s “The World Made of Me” into “Our World.” Through Lee Jun-ho, a member of the litigation team at a law firm, Kang Tae-oh shown his amiable and compassionate side. His delicate expressiveness that matched Woo Young-woo’s eye level drew the viewer in despite the fact that his role had comparatively has a few dramatic components.

Additionally, the melodrama of “Woo Young-woo,” which dealt with the difficult theme of love for a person with autism, in a gentle and straightforward manner, attracted viewers. He then left memorable words like “I’m sorry,” “I’ll be a lawyer’s exclusive hugging chair,” and “Let’s not break up” as a sign of his presence. Through “Woo Young-woo,” Kang Tae-oh rose to the top position for advertising and pictorial entertainment, and was placed first (Good Data Corporation) for 5 weeks in a row in the list of popular drama artists through “Extraordinary Attorney Woo.”

He is preparing to enlist in the military at a time when attention is being drawn in earnest, but his acting skills and charisma have been proven, so his future activities are also anticipated to draw attention.

Kang Ki-young, who portrayed lawyer Jeong Myung-seok, who served as a trustworthy mentor for him, also caught viewers’ eye with his deft expressive capability. The viewers’ liking for him increased as a result of the warm characterization of Woo as “sub-dad” throughout the broadcast.

The newcomers Ha Yun-kyung and Joo Jong-hyeok also gained attention and earned the nicknames “Spring Sunshine” and “Tactician Kwon Mosulsu,” respectively. The two actors, who portrayed the many perspectives that society has on Woo Young-woo, also provide viewers a lot of messages. They made a lasting impression in “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” because of the chemistry between the them.

Then, in this drama, Joo Hyun-young played the role of Woo Young-woo’s best friend Won Won and played a licorice role. Joo Hyun-young gained a lot of attention for her vocal imitation and deft acting abilities in “SNL Korea” and other YouTube contents. Joo Hyun-young’s comedic personality and acting skills make for entertaining viewing. Im Seong-jae, who portrays Kim Min-sik, the “hairy boss,” is also drawing notice by portraying entirely different characters in other productions at the same time, such as “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” and the film “Hunt.”

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In contrast, “Woo Young-woo,” which started with a 0.9% audience rating (based on Nielsen Korea’s national paid households) in the first episode aired on June 29, achieved a 17.5% audience rating in the last episode on the 18th of August, marking its own highest rating since the ENA channel’s launch.

It also won first place in the drama topicality and performance topic categories, and it continued to enjoy popularity by dominating the non-English TV category on Netflix while simultaneously airing on ENA.

Meanwhile, Extraordinary Attorney Woo tells the story of a genius woman with autistic spectrum disorder who becomes a lawyer for a prominent law firm.

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