EXO’s Sehun, Jo Jun-Young and Jang Yeo-Bin Confirmed To Appear In The New High School Romance Drama

EXO’s Oh Se-hun, and actors Jo Jun-young and Jang Yeo-bin have been confirmed to appear in the new TVING original High School romance drama “Everything We Loved“.

The production of “Everything We Loved” was announced by TVING on the 27th of July, along with the casting of Oh Se-hoon, Jo Jun-young, and Jang Yeo-bin.

In “Everything We Loved,” (written by Kang Yoon, directed by Kim Jin-seong) Ko Yoo (Sehun) and Ko Jun-hee (Jo Jun-young), a transfer student who also develops feelings for Han So-yeon (Jang Yeo-bin), the star of the strongest bromance, form a love triangle. Ko Jun-hee experienced cellular memory syndrome (cell memory hypothesis) after receiving a kidney donation from Ko Yu, wherein the qualities of the organ donor were passed on to the recipient.

First of all, there is much to love in the world and nothing to be afraid of. Oh Se-Hoon (EXO Se-Hoon), who is well-liked all over the world with a certain aura, plays the part of Go Yoo, a charming basketball genius. Fans from all over the world are expecting the actor playing an 18-year-old high school student who is popular among the female student.

In a bizarre setting where there are more things to view than love, Jo Jun-young portrays Go Jun-hee, the topper student in the school. Go Jun-hee, who has cellular memory syndrome after receiving a kidney transplant from Ku Yu, but as a result the qualities of the organ donor were passed on to him. Attention is focused on her three-dimensional personality and 18-year-old high school student synchro rate ideal for the romantic chemistry.

Han So-yeon, a girl who falls in love with two boys at once, is portrayed by rising rookie actress Jang Yeo-bin. She is a transfer student, and anyone can tell she is attractive from the outside. She is intelligent enough to compete with Go Jun-hee for the top spot in the entire school, but she is also distant from others and has secret.

Everything We Loved Is Expected to be released in 2023.

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