Even After Break Up Song Kang Can’t Hide His Feelings For Park Min-Young ‘Forecasting Love And Weather’

Forecasting Love And Weather New Stills

Siwoo Lee (Song Kang) loves Jin Ha-kyung (Park Min-young), but because of his father Lee Myung-han, Si-Woo says, “We break up.” He bid farewell in a terrible way. However, due to a typhoon that is fast heading north with little time to relieve the pain, the Korea Meteorological Administration is extremely busy today (the 26th). The 13th is scheduled to be highlighted by the story of Ha-Kyung and Si-woo, who care about one other even within themselves.

In the stills released ahead of “Forecasting Love and Weather Episode 13”, the “Hashu Couple’ is a tightrope walker between the general manager, the special advisor, and the lovers. They travelled out to sea to better forecast the path of a rapidly approaching typhoon. The sonde is being lifted by General Manager Ha-Kyung and special advisor Si-woo despite the high winds and rain. Focusing on work without slowing down in severe weather is a professional trait in and of itself.

It’s fascinating that the nerves are all focusing on each other at the same moment. Si-woo immediately catches Ha-Kyung, who had almost lost her attention as the boat shook owing to the severe rain and wind. If he hadn’t watched Ha-Kyung, it would have been impossible. Si-Woo’s eyes were flooded with emotions as he looked at Ha-Kyung, despite his decision to end the relationship. Ha-Kyung is also a warm person. Even so, walking the tightrope of loving each other brings both grief and optimism.

“The ‘Hashu Couple,’ who became ambiguous owing to Siwoo’s breakup notice, continues to walk a tightrope between the general manager, the special assistant, and their lover,” the production team said. Please tune in on the 13th to see whether they’ve made any progress. Source (1)

Meanwhile, Forecasting Love and Weather tell the story of individuals who works in the same office at Korea Meteorological Administration, Korea’s national weather forecast service. It revolves around their work and loves lives of Jin Ha Kyung an intelligent and exceedingly organized person who does everything by the book and is picky around keeping her personal and professional lives separate and, Lee Si Woo a free soul who always thinks outside the box. In spite of the fact that he looks clumsy, he brags a noteworthy IQ of 150 and is able to realize anything once he sets his intellect to it.

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