‘Duranga’ Indian Adaptation Of Korean Drama ‘Flower Of Evil’ To Air On ZEE5

For the first time Korean Drama will be recreated as Indian series. The South Korean intriguing romantic thriller “drama “Flower of Evil” will be recreated as an Indian serial named “DURANGA.”

The biggest local platform in India has acquired the remake rights of the drama “Flower of Evil” (written by Yoo Jeong-hee, directed by Kim Chul-gyu), which aired as a 2020 tvN Wednesday-Thursday drama and had the highest viewership rating of 7.3% (based on households in the metropolitan area) in the final episode. It was sold to “ZEE5” and is about to run for the first time as a drama.

With 1.4.63 billion people as of the 22nd, India has the second highest population after China. Particularly, the OTT sector has had significant growth in recent years, and it is now the scene of a vigorous competition between international and local streaming businesses. India has been called a “Hallyu barren land” in the midst of the long-running K-content boom since it has proven to be difficult for Korean content to enter due to the strong local and Western cultural influences in India.

Nine episodes will make up the Indian adaptation of “Flower of Evil,” which will be called “Duranga” (meaning: two shadows of a lie). On August 19, it will make its debut on the Indian ZEE5 platform. The intrinsic resemblance to the dynamic Asian culture is sufficient for Korean content to have a sizable fan base in India, a representative of India’s ZEE5 said.

CP Studio Dragon Producer Jang Shin-ae stated, “I think it is a remarkable and inspirational feat for the first Korean drama to be adapted as a Indian show. I’m hoping that “Flower of Evil,” which garnered positive reviews for its creation, will also become well-liked in India.”

On the other hand, the plot of “Flower of Evil” starts with the protagonist’s worry that the husband he has loved for 14 years is actually a serial killer. By deftly balancing the circumstances that render it hard to remain watchful for even a brief period of time with the intense emotional arcs of each character, it expanded the boundaries of the “suspense melodrama” genre.

It is a piece of art that has enthralled audiences both at home and abroad because it features the ideal combination of an unpredictable tale conceived at the writer’s fingertips, an original vision from the director, and impassioned performances from the actors that straddle suspense and melodrama.

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