Doctor Lawyer Ending Explained – A Happy Ending

In last and the final episode of Doctor Lawyer, Han Yi-han (So Ji-sub) was able to avenge his injustice through a new trial.

Doctor Lawyer Episode 16

Han Yi-han found Chief Cheon, who was moving as directed by Gu Jin-ki, and took him before the judge. Chief Cheon handed up a cell phone with the transcript as proof and declared, “Everything the president has ordered is contained here.”

In his testimony, Jo Jung-hyeon stated that “Chairman Gu Jin-ki removed the patient’s heart five years ago.” When Gu Jin-ki’s culpability was made clear, Geum Seok-yeong (Im Soo-hyang) suffered a heart attack and collapsed.

Gu Jin-ki told Han Yi-han, who had come to see him, “You were a hurdle for our son. Stop Jaden, please, and keep the rock safe. Gu Jin-ki said, “The person I can trust in this case is you,” to Han Yi-han’s question, “Why are you asking me?” Jingi said, there is a video of the operation to capture Jayden Lee.

Gu Jin-ki, however, later received a narcotic injection from a prison doctor and lost consciousness. Gu Jin-ki was being watched by Jayden Lee. An unidentified medication was injected by Jayden Lee. Later, he added, “Do you believe I’m trying to silence you with this? no. You want to get even. When you hear everything, you’ll understand.”

Five years ago, Jayden Lee fled from the receiving a heart transplant. He had located his biological mother. Inviting Jayden Lee into the car, he explained that his birth mother was a close friend of his adoptive son. Her mother’s response to the question “Why didn’t you find your son?”

Because it was challenging, I was concerned that finding the child I cast away would become a burden for me. Jayden Lee, who was aware of her biological mother’s situation, uttered “Mother.” Despite Chief Cheon’s pursuit and subsequent collision with the car and the two guys, he was able to halt the car. After the passing of his birth mother, Jayden Lee underwent a heart transplant.

However, Jayden Lee, who had his suspicions about the incident, learned the entire story and went back to seek retribution after learning that it was all Gu Jin-ki’s scheme. “You took from me the most priceless thing in the world! a single, unbroken family Jayden Lee erupted in rage. You pass away in agony. That was the final thing you did to hurt me.

Han Yi-han, on the other hand, was aware of the connection between Jayden Lee and the deceased passenger when he remarked, “The passenger…the passenger who was in the car died and said that their heart was removed.” Knowing the context of Jayden Lee’s retaliation, he added, “I understand why you want to exact revenge on Gu Jin-gi.”I don’t have time, Gu Jin-gi said. He instructed Koo Seong-seong to call Han Yi-han. Han Yi Han is speechless at Gu Jin-ki’s immaculate demeanour in requesting his son.

Before Gu Jin-ki’s passing was made public, Jayden-Lee attempted to travel to the United States with Lim Yuna. In front of these two, Koo Ji-sung made an appearance and seized Jayden Lee by the neck. Jayden Lee countered, “Vengeance? Is it possible? Come once you are certain. He mocked. Koo Sung-sung ultimately stabbed Jayden Lee in the heart.

Han Yi-han, who was on the lookout for Jayden Lee, showed there at the same moment and provided first aid. ‘Han Yi Han,’ I’m sorry, Jayden Lee said to Geum Seok-young. I didn’t know. Knowing this, Keum Seok-young remarked, “Let’s make sure Jaden is alive and bring him to court. I have suffered through it up till now,” she questioned Han.

As time went on, Han Yi-han requested a new trial and was cleared of the charge of a medical accident. He visited Jaden Lee, who was imprisoned. Jayden Lee praised Han Yi-han without offering an explanation, adding, “You saved me twice.” The chance for Seok-Young Geum to receive a heart transplant was provided.

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