Curtain Call Episode 2 Recap: Kang Ha Neul Assumes Geum-soon’s Grandson’s Identity

In Curtain Call Ep 2 Yoo Jae-heon assumed Geum-soon’s real grandson’s identity. Jeong Sang-cheol suggested Yoo Jae-heon to play the grandson of Geum-soon for three-months. Yoo Jae-heon questioned Jeong Sang-cheol as to why he was there, and Jeong Sang-cheol responded that he was an unknown theatre actor who spoke North Korean well and that he believed he would do anything to change his life. Jae-heon Yoo was given the option of accepting Jeong Sang-offer cheol’s of 300 million “100 million every month,” but when he hesitated, he increased the amount to 500 million.

In a bar where her younger brother Park Se-gyu is luring women, Park Se-yeon enters and cries out, “What about my child? What if I leave like that?” she added. “I cry every day because I miss my dad. Park Se-gyu was asked to support her older brother Park Se-joon in the hotel sale dispute by Se-yeon Park, who was the one who ejected the women in this manner. However, Park Se-gyu refused taking any side.

Hong Ra-kyung remarked as Park Se-yeon battles to save the hotel: “Do you have any secret child in your family? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a stake in the game and someone to defend you? “She spoke clearly. When Park Se-yeon went to thank Hong Ra-kyung for the information that a guest had spent 20 million won a day for a suite for three months, she was shocked to learn that the visitor was Bae Dong-je.

Added Bae Dong-jae, “Celebrating a 20 million won suite three months in advance is acceptable. He revealed his continuing regrets towards Park Se-yeon, adding, “I can face Park Se-yeon, who was not able to talk or meet at any costs. They were almost married.” Added Bae Dong-jae, “Y’ll come to you on four legs. To shorten your route, I made a reservation, he said.

Yoo Jae-heon agreed to Jung Sang-cheol’s suggestion and read the material on the real Moonseong. When Geum-sun heard that Jeong Sang-cheol had found someone, she asked her grandchildren, “Have you told me since long ago? I have a grandson in the North that I abandoned. She found the child. I will live in this home with you for the time that I am here.

Se-yeon “It’s amazing. Her younger brother is still alive at this age. Her older brothers Park Se-joon and Park Se-gyu had a dejected look on their faces as he met his little brother, who had never even seen their face. Park Se-gyu specifically said to Park Se-yeon, “You truly lack knowledge. An idiot who only is familiar with this hotel,” he remarked. Yoo Jae-heon was preparing to become Moon-seong in the meantime and even attracted Seo Yoon-hee.

I want to show that grandmother once, Yoo Jae-heon remarked. He asked the daughter-in-law of her grandson, who would have been pleased to shake her hand, and Seo Yoon-hee gladly agreed, responding, “Who matters this time. She stated to herself, expressing her thoughts for Yoo Jae-heon, “It signifies that Seo Yoon-hee and Yoo Jae-heon assumed the role of a married couple. At the end of Curtain Call Ep 2, Yoo Jae-heon and Seo Yoon-hee pretended to be a couple and went to Geum-soon’s home.

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