Curtain Call Episode 1 Recap & Summary

In Curtain Call Ep 1, Geum-sun (Go Doo-shim) recalled meeting her son Lee Young-hoon (Kim Young-min) and grandson Lee Moon-seong (Noh Sang-hyun) at a family reunion following the Korean War.

At the time of the separated family reunion, Geum-sun was in tears when she saw her son Ri Moon-seong and Ri Young-hoon told him, “Don’t cry,” Does Moon-seong resemble his father that much? asked Lee Young-hoon after realising the order of funds.

Lee Young-hoon said, “My mother is 6 years older than my father, so I have a clear memory. “Since then, she’s become her grandmother,” said Don Geum-sun. Lee Young-hoon said, “No. I found out at once.”

Meanwhile, Lee Young-hoon was disappointed in the amount of money he wanted to stay in South Korea. Lee Young-hoon was disappointed, saying, “Hang on, his mother doesn’t want to come back to her hometown even after reunification.” Geum-soon said, “The situation in Korea is for children to grow up.”

Geum-soon cried, “I haven’t forgotten your father even for a single day,” and Ri Moon-seong took Geum-sun’s hand and comforted her. Lee Young-hoon cried out, “My father called my mother’s name until the very end.” How does he resemble his grandfather in such a striking way, Geum-sun asked, smiling. “It’s not just his face that resembles him; his character as well.”

Geum-sun’s right-hand man, Jeong Sang-cheol, is upset when he learns that Geum-soon, who is leading a life of a dead end, misses her family. Yoo Jae-heon, who portrays the People’s Army, was performing in a play when Jeong Sang-cheol approached him with a special offer. Yoo Jae-heon makes a living by working part-time.

Yoo Jae-heon approached Jeong Sang-cheol after the play when he said that someone was looking for him. Yoo Jae-heon heard Jeong Sang-cheol say, “The show was really well received by me. The performance was remarkable and the North Korean dialect was excellent as well.” “I haven’t seen many plays, but I believe it’s amazing that this modest stage elevates one’s life,” he concluded. Added Yoo Jae-heon, “I’m not doing a very difficult job. It’s amazing.”

Jaeheon Yoo questioned, “I’m sorry, but what producer did you come from?” during the conversation. To Yoo Jae-query, heon’s Jeong Sang-cheol held out his business card. Would you like to try a play with me, Jeong Sang-cheol asked Yoo Jae-heon, who was astonished to see his business card. “On a big and beautiful stage that can change your life,” Jeong Sang-cheol added.

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