Curtain Call Ending Explained

The KBS2 Monday and Tuesday drama ‘Curtain Call‘ finally ended on the 27th of December with a happy ending.

In Curtain Call Ep 16, after waking up from a coma, Geum-soon (Go Doo-shim) went home and called her family together. “There is not much time left. I won’t be talking long, so listen carefully.” Geumsoon opened her mouth and said her last goodbye, mentioning her family members one by one.

Geum-soon, who also thanked Ji-won (Hwang Woo-seul-hye) and Jeong-suk (Bae Hae-seon), said, “There are many things I want to say, but I don’t know what else to say.” she said. As she looked at her family, who had become a sea of ​​tears, Geum-soon said, “There is a place we must go to one last time, let’s all go together.” she said and rose from her seat.

In the car on the way to Jae-heon’s (Kang Ha-neul) theater, Ri Mun-seong (Noh Sang-hyeon) quietly held Geum-soon’s hand tightly. Geumsoon looked at her grandson without saying anything, and the two of them moved to their destination holding hands.

After having Geum-soon and her family sit in the audience, Jae-heon staged a single performance, ‘Curtain Call’. Jae-heon’s performance contained all the stories from Sang-cheol (Sung Dong-il) and Jae-heon’s first meeting to the real Jae-heon and Yoon-hee’s circumstances that Geum-soon could not know.

Se-yeon (Ha Ji-won) laughed and cried with Geum-soon while watching Jae-heon’s play. After the play, Geum-soon participated in the curtain call of the actors. As she stepped onto the stage, Geum Soon smiled brightly as if she had all the happiness in the world towards her family in her bleachers. Her family applauded and praised Geum-soon for her life’s curtain call.

After a while, Geum-soon passed away, and her will was revealed at a gathering of her family. Geum-soon left 10% of her assets to Sang-cheol (Sung Dong-il) and Jeong-suk (Bae Hae-seon). A will was made public stating that her remaining assets would be equally distributed among her grandchildren. The list of her grandchildren included Sejun (Ji Seung-hyeon), Se-gyu (Choi Dae-hun), and Se-yeon, as well as Ri Moon-seong.

However, a condition was attached that all assets would be entrusted to Sang-cheol until Ri Mun-seong acquired Korean nationality. Sang-cheol decided not to sell his inherited stake in Nak-won Hotel to Se-joon. Thanks to this, the hotel got out of the crisis of being sold and Seyeon was able to protect the hotel.

Jaeheon returned to the path of an unknown actor. Se-yeon opened up to Mun-sung Lee, and she asked him to stay by her side as a citizen of the Republic of Korea and be her family. Li Wencheng took the first step to find his family after going through the legal entry process.

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