‘Crazy Love’| Ha Jun Shows His Charms as the Warm Vice President in the new stills

The first still cut of Ha-jun, a man who wishes to be comforted by his pleasant gaze, was revealed in ‘Crazy Love.’

The 5th-century hectic daily life is depicted in the still cut released of the upcoming drama on the 18th Feb. Because handling GOTOP education as a whole isn’t the end of the road. He had a more essential job to do, which was to console the employees who had been injured by Go-Jin Noh, who was known as ‘No-Cha-Ban’ because he was nasty and didn’t think twice about speaking up. The 5th century is the most loved among all the personnel in the old tower . It’s as if there is an ideal model of the perfect boss.

Above all, the regular performance that would unfold between the money-crazed Noh Go-jin and his revenge-crazed secretary, Lee Shin-ah (Jung Su-jeong), these crazy characters . Oh Segi is Noh Go- jin’s only younger brother, who has worked his way up from the bottom and written the success tale of GOTOP schooling becoming the finest in the industry. Another interesting aspect of ‘Crazy Love’ is the two men’s unexpected bromance. It also raises the question of what type of existence she will approach Lee Shin-ah, who has transformed into a spiteful spirit.

Crazy Love, Ha Jun, Image Source: tenasia

“The addition of Ha jun’s acting to the role of Oh Se-gi, which may be regarded absurd, gave it compelling power,” the production team remarked. On set, his warm voice and smile are also spreading healing energy.  Fans anticipate Ha Joon’s warm charisma.”

Crazy Love Plot & Synopsis

‘Crazy Love,’ a new Monday-Tuesday drama on KBS 2TV, is a crazy romantic drama about a classmate who is set to be murdered and his amazing secretary, who is about to be executed. ‘Oh Se-gi,’ the vice president of GOTOP education, was played by Ha-jun. He is nothing like ‘Noh Go-jin’ (Kim Jae-wook), a tough and sensitive representative who is solely interested in money. Nothing is missing from his welcoming approach to his attitude and behavior.

Crazy Love Release Date

Meanwhile, Kim Jung-hyun, the producer of ‘Jugglers,’ ‘Fellow Citizens!,’ and ‘Day and Night,’ is directing ‘Crazy Love.’ The first broadcast will take place on Monday, March 7th, 2022.

Credits: KBS, Ha Jun, Tenasia

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