Crash Course in Romance Episode 2 Recap & Summary

In Crash Course in Romance Ep 2, Jeon Do-yeon and Jung Kyung-ho clashed, and an iron ball flew in and broke the window. In the second episode of tvN’s Saturday-Sunday drama ‘Crash Course in Romance, which aired on January 15, Nam Haeng-seon (Do-yeon Jeon) and Chi-yeol Choi (Kyung-ho Jeong) clashed.

Choi Chi-yeol couldn’t eat the whole food, and shed tears while eating a lunch box from a side dish store on the southbound line. Choi Chi-yeol’s past, which was revealed afterwards, was that he ate meal tickets at a restaurant run by his mother on a southbound trip while preparing for the employment exam. Choi Chi-yeol could only eat one meal a day, and his mother took care of him. Even when his father passed away, Choi Chi-cheol was comforted by his mother, who left for the south.

At that time, Nam Haeng-seon, a national handball player, was helping her mother at the restaurant after the match, and faced her nephew Nam Hae-yi (Noh Yoon-seo), who had been sent home because her sister had only heard letters from home. The mother of a southbound ship went in search of her daughter, who had left her granddaughter behind, but she was killed in a car accident. Nam Haeng-sun gave up her handball to take care of her Asperger’s syndrome younger brother Nam Jae-woo (Oh Rik-sik) and her nephew Nam Hae-i.

Presently, at the request of her nephew Nam Hae-i, who raised her as a daughter, she decided to line up early in the morning to take a lecture by Choi Chi-yeol, a math instructor. Choi Chi-yeol signed up as a member under the name Ji Dong-hee (Shin Jae-ha) and bought a lunch box.

Nam Hae-yi managed to line up at the last number 100, and Nam Hae-yi was able to listen to Choi Chi-yeol’s lecture. Choi Chi-cheol went to buy lunch boxes and when Nam Haeng-seon complained that her younger brother Nam Jae-woo’s cell phone was broken, she felt guilty that it was because of hee misunderstanding. Choi Chi-yeol presented Namhaengseon with a mobile phone, saying, “To commemorate becoming a member,” and Kim Young-joo (Lee Bongnyeon) encouraged Choi Chi-yeol to like Namhaengseon.

Namhaengseon waited for Choi Chi-cheol to come back with the excuse of returning his cell phone. Nam Hae-i fell in love with Choi Chi-yeol’s lecture, and Nam Jae-woo saw an advertisement for Choi Chi-yeol’s lecture at the bus stop and recognized him as the person who had a scuffle in the hospital and broke his cell phone, but he couldn’t bear to explain it to his sister, Nam Haeng-seon.

In the meantime, Choi Chi-yeol came to the side dish shop again, and Namhaeng-seon tried to return the phone, but Choi Chi-yeol did not accept it. Nam Jae-woo recognized such Choi Chi-yeol and said “tiger”, and Namhaengseon also recognized Choi Chi-yeol only then. Choi Chi-yeol apologized belatedly, but the southbound ship continued to be angry, and iron beads flew into the side dish store where the two collided, causing a terrorist attack that broke the window, adding to the sense of crisis.

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