Crash Course In Romance Ending Explained: A Happy Ending

In the final episode of the weekend drama “Crash Course in Romance” on tvN, which aired on the 5th, both Haeng-seon (played by Jeon Do-yeon) and Chil-chi (played by Jung Kyung-ho) proposed to each other.

In Crash Course in Romance Ep 16, Chi-cheol became embroiled in a scandal with a woman he had once held in high regard. He explained the situation to Haeng-seon and also took the opportunity to propose to her. However, Haeng-seon surprised him by responding, “I can’t wait. Let’s get married now.” She then conveyed her feelings to Chil-chi by presenting him with an ring.

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Crash Course in Romance Kdrama Episode 16 Recap, Source: Naver TV

Chil-chi was taken aback by Haeng-seon’s sudden proposal and gave her the diamond ring he had prepared, also proposing to her at the same time. They agreed to get married after Hae-yi, Haeng-seon’s daughter, went to college. Haeng-seon added a condition to their agreement, saying that she would like to get her sports instructor’s license before getting married.

Afterwards, Hae-yi went to college, and Haeng-seon began preparing for her sports instructor exam. Meanwhile, Jae-woo (played by Oh Eui-shik) and Yeong-ju (played by Lee Bongryeon) took over the management of the side dish shop. However, Young-joo was struggling with morning sickness as she was currently pregnant. Although they had only registered their marriage, Yeongju said she wanted to get married after having the baby and wearing a wedding dress.

Hae-yi, Seon-jae (played by Lee Chae-min), and Su-a (played by Kang Na-eon) all attended the same college and enjoyed their time together. Hae-yi finally expressed her feelings for Seon-jae by kissing him, and they became a couple.

At the end of the Crash Course in Romance Ep 16, after several attempts, Haeng-seon passed her sports instructor exam, and Chil-chi was thrilled that they could finally get married.

So finally the Crash Course in Romance ended with a happy ending.

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