Confirmed: Go Youn-Jung (Naksu) Will Replace Jung So-Min (Mudeok) In Alchemy of Souls Part 2 

On August 26 it was revealed that the cast and crew reportedly are filming part 2 of “Alchemy of Souls.” Various speculations are being made regarding the female lead of the drama Jung So Min who plays “Mudeok”, and whether will she be replaced by Go Youn Jung (Naksu) in the second season of Alchemy of Souls or not. Keep reading to find out.

The two parts of “Alchemy Of Souls” will be televised separately. Episode 20 of Season 1 of “Alchemy Of Souls” will mark the conclusion of Part 1. Part 2 is expected to air in December with a total of ten episodes.

Meanwhile, Alchemy of Souls is a South Korean television series starring Lee Jae-Wook and Jung So-Min as the main leads. It is written by the Hong sisters (Hong Jung-Eun and Hong Mi-Ran) and was scheduled to be released on tvN and Netflix on June 18, 2022. It is about the love and progress of young magicians as they face their twisted fates in a mythical kingdom named Daeho that does not exist in history or on maps.

According to the reports, Ko Yun-Jeong (Naksu) will replace Jung So-min (Mudeok-i) in “Alchemy of Souls” part 2. Until the first part, Jung So-min is a female lead who portrays Mudeok, but she will not appear in the second part.

The story’s main character Naksu played by Go Yun-Jeong who appeared at the start of the drama will replace Jung So Min as the main female lead in the second part. This is speculated because a representative from the television network stated that Jung So-min did not appear for the filming of part 2. The fact that Jung So-min will not appear in the second part of Alchemy of Souls might be revealed in the 20th episode of part 1.

With the conclusion of “Alchemy of Souls,” Part 1 and, anticipation for Part 2 is heightened. tvN also stated, “because it contains spoilers, we can’t say anything particular about Jung So-min or the upcoming story. Please look forward to the series to witness it.”

While Jung So-min enthralled viewers in “Alchemy Of Souls” Part 1 with her vibrant performances, many of her fans are regretting her departure. Additionally, various speculations are being put forth regarding the character of Moo Deok-i, played by Jung So-min. Expectations are high for what kind of story will unfold in Part 2.

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