Cha Seo Won & Gong Chan To Lead New ‘Boy Love’ Drama ‘Uninentional Love Story’

The main characters of the BL romantic comedy “Unintentional Love Story” will be played by actors Cha Seo-won and Gong-chan, as they confirmed their appearance in the drama.

Unintentional Love Story is based on the popular BL webtoon of the same name by author Phoebe. A heartwarming romance that depicts the story of two people who developed a true love in a relationship that began with a lie.

Unintentional Love Story, an original cartoon by Phoebe, has become a cultural phenomenon both online and off. It has won the hearts of viewers of all ages and has a devoted core following. Additionally, director Jang-soon Jang of “Pitch of Time” and writer Shin Ji-an, who created Korea’s first ‘Boy Love’ drama “Where Your Eyes Stay,” worked together.

Cha Seo-won will be playing Yoon Tae-joon, a talented ceramic artist who disappeared from the world as if it had been deleted. Yoon Tae-joon is a character that at first appears to be naive because he doesn’t speak much, but he actually has a kind heart. He is also a handsome man with a kind of toughness that stands out simultaneously.

Gong-chan will be playing Ji Won-yeong, a general affairs employee of a major firm who needs to win the president’s favourite artist Yoon Tae-joon’s heart in order to get back to work. There are always people around Jiwon Ji-young because he is a “nuclear person” with a happy attitude and a desire to serve others. Then, as he abruptly faces the risk of retiring, he encounters Yoon Tae-joon.

The ‘Unintentional Love Story’ production crew stated, aside from performers with dependable acting abilities, actors with polar attractions also joined. Additionally, it tells a real-life love story filled with joy and emotion that transcends the boundaries of the BL genre.

“Unintentional Love Story” is scheduled to air in the second half of 2022.

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