Business Proposal’s Kim Min Kyu To Lead New Fantasy Romance Drama Holy Idol

Kim Min Kyu is all set to play lead in the web novel adaptation drama Holy Idol .

“Kim Min-Kyu has confirmed his appearance in the new drama ‘Holy Idol’, announced by Kim Min Gyu’s agency, Happy Live Entertainment, on May 23rd.

‘The Holy Idol’ is a fantasy romance drama about a god from another planet, ‘Rembrary,’ being possessed by an unknown idol from this world, ‘Woo Yeon-woo.’ It is a adaptation of the original online novel ‘Holy Idol.’

Kim Min Kyu, who rose to prominence after starring in the SBS and Netflix drama ‘Business Proposal’ plays Rembrary, the main character in this work.

Kim Min Kyu

Rembrary awakens as a lovely idol after a struggle with a demon king that has conquered another realm. The major thing to watch in this work is Kim Min-Gyu’s colorful acting makeover, as well as what charm will once again shake women’s hearts.

Kim Min-gyu debuted in the 2013 tvN drama ‘Monstar’. Since then, he has expanded his acting spectrum by appearing in dramas ‘Signal’, ‘Perfume’, and most recently, Business Proposal.

‘Holy Idol’, which is expected to be more anticipated with Kim Min-gyu’s casting, is scheduled to air in the first half of 2023.

Source: Newsen

Image Credit: Naver TV

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