Business Proposal Episode 8 Recap: Shin Ha-Ri’s Confession & The Beginning Of The Passionate Romance

In Business Proposal Episode 8, Shin Ha-Ri (Kim Sejeong) confessed her feelings for Kang Tae-Moo (Ahn Hyo-Seop) and unfolded the passionate romance between them.

Business Proposal Episode 8 started with Kang Tae-Moo and Shin Ha-Ri Kissing. Shin Ha-ri was the first to kiss Kang Tae-moo. “Is it okay to think of this as a positive response to my confession?” Kang Tae-moo questioned. “Shin Ha-ri was embarrassed after kissing Kang Tae-moo and said “No, it’s not true. This was a blunder. It was a blunder. I made a mistake. For a while, I must have been insane. Forget it ever happened, she added.

Should we do something we haven’t done before? We’ll talk again tomorrow “She then walked away. “Are you just going to go like this?” Kang Tae-moo questioned, following Shin Ha-ri. Lee Min-woo emerged at this point and remarked, “Hari, where have you been? Everybody was on the lookout for you.” “Let’s go immediately,” Shin Ha-ri replied

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After arriving home both Kang Tae-Moo and Shin Ha-Ri couldn’t forget and they both touched their lips and the flashbacks keep popping in their brains. Kang Tae-Moo turned to himself and said, “What’s wrong in kissing first? Isn’t he the ideal player?” Meanwhile, Shinhari was worried about, How she will face her boss tomorrow?

Shin Ha-Ri was avoiding Kang Tae-Moo’s calls on purpose. Later he met Shin Ha-Ri and asked her for an explanation for what she did the day before. She told him it was a mistake. Kang Tae-Moo asked her to pay back him for the kiss. He took Shin Ha-Ri to a high-end restaurant and asked her to buy him a meal here instead of the price of a kiss. “Did the chaebol ask for expensive dinners from the common people?” Shin Hari exclaimed when he heard this, “You claim you’ll take responsibility and compensate me for the kiss?” Kang Tae-moo said.

Shin Ha-ri, in response, said, “It wasn’t only me who did it; the boss did it as well. As though you were a player. Kang Tae-moo answered, “You were the first to kiss. He said, “I admit that I kissed you back. What type of man stands still when the woman he likes kisses him so aggressively and sexily?”

Shin Ha-ri, on the other hand, was captivated by Kang Tae-Moo’s lips who were eating. She made an excuse to use the restroom and to make those thoughts away from her mind she starts singing in the restroom. Kang Tae-mu was playing the piano when she returned to her seat. “Can you play the piano as well?” she asked, Kang Tae-moo responded by saying, “Have you forgotten, I told you I am good at many things.

Shin Hari asks the waiter for the cheque, the waiter replied, the bill had already been paid for by Kang Tae-moo. “Why did you do that?” Shin Ha-ri asked. What is the cost of a kiss?” “Now that I think about it, it doesn’t make sense to substitute the prize of a kiss with anything like this,” Kang Tae-moo explained. “Or pay it back with something else even bigger, Like an eye for an eye, Kiss for Kiss, he added. Shin Ha-ri said. I can’t help myself because I had to pay you I’ll pay the next time. Okay. Next time, I’ll buy a bigger dinner.”

Meanwhile, Young Seo was waiting for Seung-Hoon in the basement, after giving him a parcel they kissed which was seen by Kang Tae-Moo. Kang Tae-Moo wondered, Seung-Hoon is all grown up now. Later, he asked him about Young-Seo, Seung replied, I fell for the moment I saw her and I couldn’t tell you because the things between Young Seo, Shin Ha-Ri was all tangled.

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Business Proposal Episode 8

Kang Tae-moo and Shin Ha-ri met at a theme park. “Why did you ask to see me here?” Shin Ha-ri asked. Kang Tae-moo responded by saying, You promised we’d meet up to settle the bill for the kiss. You said it’s not polite for a chaebol to get expensive food from ordinary people. Instead, I’m going to ask you to pay for the kiss by your time instead. Just spent today with me, he added. They enjoyed a lot in the amusement park and Kang Tae-Moo even shared the memories he made with his parents in the amusement park.

Meanwhile, Seung-Hoon took Yeong Seo for tracking, Young Seo became irritated when she found herself in the mountains and told Seung I can’t go for tracking as I am wearing heels. Seung-Hoon replied, I already made an arrangement. He took out the shoes from his car and made her wear the shoes.

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Business Proposal Episode 8

They started tracking and Seoung told her that he likes tracking and comes often with Kang Tae-Moo, after hearing this Yeong Seo became more irritated and started bad-mouthing Kang Tae-Moo. Seung Hoon took Kang’s side which made her fight with him and she left from there and took the wrong route. Seung-Hoon was following her and told her they are on the wrong path because of her and she became more enraged and fell in the pothole and hurt her angle. Seung-Hoon took her on her back which melted her heart and she told Seung Hoon that she fell for him again.

Lee Min-woo discovered Kang Tae-moo and Shin Ha-ri were in a contractual relationship after visiting Shin Ha-Ri’s house. He found Kang Tae-Moo asking Shin Ha-Ri to pay back him his money and he immediately punched Kang Tae-Moo. Shin Ha-Ri stopped Tae-Moo from punching back. She took Min-Woo with her and asked him, Why does he care whether she is in a fake or real relationship. Min-Woo started to speak il about Tae-Moo which Shin Ha-Ri couldn’t listen to and asked him to stop. Min-Woo asked Shin Ha-Ri, Does she like Kang Tae-Moo.

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Go Food arranged a Dodgey Ball competition between the employees and the best player would be given the chance to have dinner with President Kang Tae-Moo. Shin Ha-Ri won the title of the best player. But later she found out Kang Tae-Moo went on Blind Blind. After hearing this Shin Ha-Ri became jealously and couldn’t stand Kang Tae-Moo being with another woman.

Shin Ha-Ri took the taxi and asked the driver to drive fast. She then called him stating. “Get out of there right now.” “After shaking my heart and making me think you all the time, How could you go on a date with another woman? I’ve been waiting all day for a text message reply, she added. Why are you not saying anything?, she ashed Kan Tae-Moo. Kang Tae-Moo replied I like you talk like this.

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At the end of “Business Proposal Episode 8”, Kang Tae-Moo told Shin Ha-Ri that he was waiting outside her house as he was going to ask her out again. Shin Hari and Kang Tae-Moo both immediately took the U-Turn and meet on the bridge after they were stuck in the traffic. They were coming towards each other. I will never let you go, if you come close this time, Kang Tae-Moo stated. Shin Ha-Ri came closer to Kang Tae-Moo and Tae-Moo told her, Don’t say it was a mistake again. Shin Ha-Ri kissed him, stating, “I won’t think about other people’s opinion; I’ll just think of the two of us,” indicating the beginning of a full-fledged romance.

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