BTS’s V and Blackpink’s Jennie Are Once Again Embroiled In Dating Rumors 

The dating rumours surrounding the relationship between BTS member V (actual name Kim Tae-hyung, 26) and BLACKPINK member Jennie (real name Kim Jenny, 26) have resurfaced.

On the evening of August the 23rd, it quickly became known that Jenny and V were the people in a picture that appeared to be of a makeup waiting area.

blackpink jennie bts v dating rumors spark following latest photo
Images Surfacing Online

In the image, a man doing hair and cosmetics with the assistance of the crew, who is wearing a leopard-print shirt, is believed to be V. The woman who is photographing this with a cellphone from behind wearing a blue cardigan is believed to be Jennie by the speculators.

blackpink jennie bts v dating rumors spark following latest photo 1
Images Surfacing Online

Many online users are speculating that the man and woman in the picture are V and Jennie based on their appearances and clothing. However, neither Jenny’s agency YG Entertainment nor V’s agency Big Hit Music have taken a special stance regarding the dating rumours between the two.

blackpink jennie bts v dating rumors spark following latest photo 2
Images Surfacing Online

Coincidentally, Jennie is slated to travel to the United States on the 25th with the Blackpink members, while V left for New York on the 24th to attend a schedule.

YG Entertainment released a press release to the media on the same day as Jennie’s dating rumours but did not address them individually.

On April 24, YG Entertainment stated: “Blackpink is urgently rushing with the crew at a Gyeonggi-do music video production facility. Additionally, we intend to analyse several promotion schedules for the second regular album.”

The rumour that V and Jennie were dating first appeared in May. It was a result of the images that were now trending online. Along with the pictures, a hypothetical eyewitness tale of witnessing a man and woman who were likely V and Jennie riding in the same car on Jeju Island was spread. Even then, neither of the two agencies clarified the dating rumours between the two.

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Images: Twitter, kpopstarz

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