BTS’s RM is Getting Married… Is he really, or are those just baseless rumours?

RM, a member of the boy band BTS, was the subject of a marriage rumour. The initial post that served as the basis of the rumour was likewise removed during the agency’s swift response.

The rumours about RM’s marriage are false, Big Hit Music, the management company for BTS, stated in an official statement on the afternoon of June 24. Regarding the latest reports regarding RM’s marriage, this is a strong stance.

Within the Korean-American community, Miss USA, there have recently been reports about RM’s marriage. As stated by the first author, “I got a call from my junior that I was going to marry RM.” The junior, a wealthy student from a top university with a wealthy family, met RM at a fan event in 2014 and 2015, and the two fell in love. This was further revealed by the speaker.

BTS RM, Image Courtesy: OSEN

The author specifically provided evidence in the form of a text message exchange with the junior. One of them remarked, “I can’t give you the precise date, but the partner is a celebrity.” According to the one who claimed her marriage to RM,

The post has now been removed, though. However, information regarding the marriage of BTS’s charismatic leader, RM, has quickly spread through internet groups. In particular, associated rumours are being exaggerated and recirculating on YouTube.

Big Hit Music said, “We are constantly responding to malicious YouTube content,” in a warning against the propagation of careless rumours. As intense as BTS’s popularity is, countless fans are looking for any sign of the group and are spreading fake rumours.

Source: OSEN

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