BTS’s RM and Jungkook Personally Deny Band Disbandment Rumours

After announcing the short-term suspension of group activities, BTS members RM and Jungkook directly denied reports of the group’s disbandment.

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RM posted a lengthy piece on Weverse, BTS’ official fan community platform, early on the morning of the 16th with the sentence, “It was broadcast and I received the most calls since my debut.”

RM stated: “I noticed several provocative and cross-sectional words like disbandment, suspension/cessation of activities, and statements when I looked at the captions and article titles you supplied me. “I didn’t want you to see it all the way through and comment,” he remarked, voicing his uneasy sensations.

He went on, “Both in terms of the occasional content style of BTS’ “Dining Party” and the symbolism of the broadcast date of June 13th, it was a video dedicated to all the ARMYs who have been with me for the past nine years.” There may be objections, such as, “Of course, but what singer and fans don’t?” but given that BTS and ARMY have been experiencing an unusual moment for almost ten years without pausing, there is unquestionably something unique about them. He said it was a confession.

He went on, “For those who have seen the video, we wanted to emphasise that this was never the end, as the song’s title, “Yet to Come,” suggests.” It’s still a good thing that only the scene where I sobbed was recorded because it spread after that. “The courage, to be honest, seems to lead to unnecessary misunderstanding and anger,” and dismissed the disbandment rumours.

The cessation of group activities of BTS has caused a lot of controversies, thus Jungkook stated, “I turned on the life because I thought we should solve it.” As a group, there is still much work to be done. I’m participating in it as an individual, not as a BTS member. Those who have watched the video will already be aware of it, but I’ll repeat it for the benefit of those who might not have.

We don’t intend to disband, he added with emphasis. There are many group schedules left, and there will be more in the future. BTS is eternal.

Additionally, Jungkook remarked, “Each member, including you, must have felt worn out or stuck in one location. I’ve been dragging things along even though time has come a long way and there is still plenty to be done. We must have momentum, “he continued, and that needs to be said.” It’s because we have to construct many things as a collective while acting independently.

In the video “BTS Dinner,” which was published on BTS’ official YouTube channel “BANGTANTV” earlier on the 14th of June, the group decided to temporarily halt group activities and begin individual ones.

The management company, Big Hit Music, stated that “BTS will start a new chapter that mixes team and individual activity” regarding this. Park Ji-won, the CEO of HYBE, added, “Future team and individual development will depend on sustained growth and maturity.” By performing tasks simultaneously, we hope to broaden the scope of our actions in a more complex manner. The artist’s message does not call for a total halt to all activities.

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