BTS’ “Yet To Come” Streamed over 7 Million times on its 1st day of Release

The title song ‘Yet To Come (The Most Beautiful Moment)’ from BTS‘ new album ‘Proof,’ received a total of 7,178,605 streaming times on the first day of its release, placing it third on the ‘Daily Top Song Global’ chart, according to Spotify’s ‘Daily Top Songs Global’ chart (as of June 10).

BTS’ song ‘Run BTS’ has also been streamed 5,47,304 times and is currently ranked 6th on the ‘Daily Top Song Global’ chart.

From the new album ‘Proof,’ the songs ‘For Youth’ and ‘Born Singer’ were ranked 11th and 16th, respectively.

A total of 28 BTS songs were rated in the top 200 on Spotify’s ‘Daily Top Tracks Global’ chart, including ‘My Universe,’ a collaboration between BTS and Coldplay, in addition to the songs from the new album ‘Proof.’

On Oricon’s most recent chart, ‘Yet To Come’ also took first position in the ‘Daily Digital Single’ category (as of June 10). In this graph, ‘In 97 countries/regions around the world, ‘Yet To Come’ topped the iTunes ‘Top Songs’ chart (as of June 11th at 8 am).

Furthermore, because the new album ‘Proof‘ sold 2,155,363 copies in its first day of release, BTS became the first artist to achieve a ‘double million seller’ in just one day.

Source: Tenasia, Image Courtesy: Source Music

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