BTS Visits The White House On The Invitation Of President Joe Biden To Discuss Anti-Asian Hate Crimes

The K-pop group BTS was invited to meet US President Joe Biden in the White House.

After getting an invitation from US President Biden to mark AANHPI Heritage Month, BTS arrived at the White House on the 31st. They discussed inclusion and diversity, as well as hate crimes and prejudice against Asians, which have recently become important social issues in the United States.

“I was amazed that the music generated by Korean musicians crosses linguistic and cultural barriers and reaches many people throughout the world,” the members told local and international reporters in the White House press room. We feel that music has the ability to bring things together in a beautiful way.”

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BTS Visits to the White House, Image Source: Ohmy News

RM stated, “I was disturbed by the recent spike in hate crimes, especially hate crimes against Asian Americans’. I’d like to use this chance to raise my voice once more in order to put a stop to this and support the cause. Thanks to supporters from all across the world who speak a variety of nationalities, cultures, and languages, I am here today.”

“There is nothing wrong with being different,” Suga remarked through an interpreter. When we all recognise and embrace our uniqueness, equality begins.” “Everyone has their own past,” V explained. Today, I hope it will be a step toward accepting and recognising each individual as a valuable human.”

The BTS members immediately went to meet President Biden after finishing the briefing. Reporters were not informed about their meeting.

“As a youth ambassador who brings a message of hope and positivity to the world, BTS’ digital contents will also be disseminated through the official White House SNS,” a White House representative stated.

“The White House briefing room has never been so full of people,” a local reporter said, praising BTS’s prestige.

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