BTS’ V, ‘The Most Handsome K-Pop Boy Idol’, Plastic Surgeons Says It’s Tough To Achieve V’s Face

BTS V came in first place in Japan’s voting for ‘The Most Handsome K-Pop Male Idol,’ displaying the majesty of K-Pop’s emblematic visual.

V (Kim Taehyung) was placed on ‘K-Board’ from April 25th to May 1st, and the question “Who is the most handsome K-pop male idol?” V won first place in the vote. V has held the top spot in the daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly polls for a long time.

‘K-board’ is a well-known Japanese website that offers a wealth of information on Korean dramas, K-pop, culture, fashion, and travel. Voting for 16 idols representing K-pop visuals such as V, Cha Eun-woo, Minho, and Taemin is done in a weekly tournament format.

V, who is extremely well-liked in Japan, was named one of the ‘Four Kings of New Hallyu Face Geniuses’ by the Japanese women’s fashion magazine 25ans and was deemed a representative visual for the 4th Hallyu boom. V has been dubbed “model-level physique, pure and rich sensibility, deep bass voice, and a charm that mesmerises opponents with his wide-ranging relationships and kind attitude” by the media.

V’s international fame for his good looks began in earnest in 2017, when he was named number one on TC Candler’s list of the “100 Most Handsome Faces in the World.” He’s done a lot since then.

V recently came in first place in the ‘TOP 100-Most Handsome Faces Of K-POP’ polled by ‘debeme,’ a Brazilian entertainment portal known for its numerous attractive features. Rafael Prota, a well-known Brazilian plastic surgeon, arrived on a 9 p.m. news programme and carefully assessed her V’s face, praising “V’s flawless face brings astonishment.”

V was described by Renan Peisoto, a well-known Brazilian journalist, as an “Oriental cultural symbol” who “broke the stereotype that a handsome man should be a macho-masculine Westerner.”

Domestic plastic surgeons consider V to be a structurally beautiful face with the perfect golden ratio. Many people want V’s face, but it’s tough to achieve through surgery, according to plastic specialists, and some said, “V’s face is good-looking and only sighs.”

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