BTS’ RM Birthday Special…’My Favourite Idol’… ‘A Donation Fairy’

BTS RM who turned 28 on the 12th of September, became a donation fairy for the children in need.

Kim Namjoon of the band BTS celebrated his birthday on the 12th of September, won the most votes in “My Favorite Idol” that day, and was chosen as the 376th Donation Fairy to distribute donations.

The fandom ARMY carried on the birthday celebration of RM in many languages after gathering in the community of My Favorite Idol. The donation was made at the same time with 80,970,871 votes cast that day, increasing support.

In the name of RM, who became the 376th donation fairy. The donations will be given to the Milal Welfare Foundation who will use the donations for the educational infrastructure construction fund for Myanmar pupils whose education has been paralysed as a result of the coup d’etat.

Through “My Favorite Idol,” RM became the Donation Fairy six times, bringing in a total of 3 million won in donations.

On the other side, RM’s group BTS will attend the “Busan World Expo Praying Concert,” which will take place at the Busan Asiad Main Stadium on October 15.

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