BTS On How ‘Living Together’ Helped Them Come This Far, As Their Dormitory Contract Is About To End

BTS (RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook) declared that their time living in dorms was over.

On June 14 at 9 p.m. KST, BTS uploaded a video to their official YouTube channel, “BANGTANTV,” celebrating the ninth anniversary of their debut, “Steamed Bulletproof Dinner.”

In a relaxed setting, the members exchanged profound stories. Leader RM stated, “We ought to discuss the dorm now that we are gathered. Regardless, the dormitory contract is about to expire.

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Image Source: BANGTAN TV, Naver

“I have a lot of memories, V remarked. J-Hope chuckled and remarked, “Time to send it off is now. How old are you?”

RM stated: “To be honest, I lived a long time because I believe there may be others who may experience sadness. You are aware that it is not really logical for seven men to live together.”

It’s certainly not easy, Suga said in expressing his sorrow. “I used to laugh about my snoring, but it could not have been easy for the members as well,” RM said in regret.

We gained our own space and got closer, J-Hope remarked cooly. We got closer, V stated, adding, “I don’t lie either, and since we’re a little apart, it seems like we got closer too.” We are more like family than friends, RM declared. It has to do with maintaining some physical separation and respecting each other’s privacy.

Jimin stated, the dormitory contract is about to expire, but I had this opportunity to share this talk again while I was cleaning the dormitory.” J-Hope remembered: “Old experiences still feel recent. The bed, the items I used, and the clothes I wore then are all still here.”

Actually, I don’t regret it either, RM added. “In any case, living together was enjoyable. I once felt so differently about the members after seeing their homes.

Jimin said, “all seven of us are quite unique. There are more items that don’t match than those that do because we all have unique personalities and likes.”

Jungkook stated, “We’ve gone this far because we’ve lived together,” while Suga said, “It’s a miracle that we lived together.”

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