BTS Military Exemption: Will BTS Members Get An Exemption From Mandatory Military Service?

Minister of Culture, Sports, and Tourism Hwang Hee asked the people to give BTS’ military service special consideration.

“Despite the fact that pop culture artists’ achievements in increasing national prestige and their skills are at their zenith,” Minister Hwang stated in a briefing on the 4th, “they have no choice but to cease their activities owing to the completion of their military service requirements.” It is a national loss in the sense that it informs reality, as well as a cultural loss for all mankind in the sense that it marks the end of the work of world-class artists.

Minister Hwang also posted a lengthy article on Facebook on the same day, indicating his desire to alter the Military Service Act for Popular Culture and Artists.

According to Minister Hwang, “Talented persons, including cultural artists and athletes, are receiving unique military duty perks because of their outstanding abilities. Because we are convinced that carrying out actions while leveraging their specific qualities will be extremely beneficial to the national interest.” He brought up the present military service legislation.

“Recently, as the Republic of Korea’s status has risen dramatically as a result of the Hallyu wave,” he said, “there are voices calling for this system to be implemented even among pop culture and artists who have achieved very clear national prestige.”

“I believe our society can think about this enough, given the effect of improvement and national brand enhancement, as well as the spread of the image of a ‘dangerous conflict country of Korea’ caused by the enlistment of famous Hallyu stars and the social contribution of those who are not eligible for military service,” he added.

“It is a basic duty of the people to enlist in the military,” Minister Hwang stated. He continued, “I hope you will take into account the time it will take to establish itself as a true cultural powerhouse. In addition, I suggest that the National Assembly enact the change to the Military Service Act, which is presently pending in the National Assembly, as soon as possible, in order to establish a framework for moving artists from popular culture to art personnel.”

Lastly, “The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism will discuss closely with relevant ministries such as the Ministry of National Defense and the Military Manpower Administration as soon as the amendment bill is passed to create appropriate and equitable transfer standards.” Furthermore, we will aggressively encourage our culture’s global expansion, and we will do everything we can to ensure that the sports personnel system is run in a more fair and dependable manner from the standpoint of the people. “

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