BTS’ Jin is Selling Watermelons, Is He Really?

On the afternoon of July 5, Jin from BTS posted two photos on his personal Instagram with the caption, “I am selling watermelon.”

In the published photographs, Jin can be seen carrying two watermelons that are larger than his face on his shoulder. Perhaps, his shoulders are broad so he could easily carry them on his shoulders.

Despite being a global celebrity who has the world’s eyes on him, he doesn’t use makeup and leads a simple daily life. This can be easily interpreted from the background of the pictures as if he was in a peaceful place, leading simple and peaceful life away from the world’s gaze.

Also, he never fails to share his current status with his army. So, by posting such pictures, he tells his fans that he is doing well, and so should they.

Meanwhile, for personal development and “BTS Chapter 2,” Jin’s group, BTS, is taking a break from group activities and are focusing on their solo activities for the time being. Each member of the group, starting with the front runner, J-Hope, plans to bring out a solo album and work with other artists.

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