BTS’ Jin Breaks Record For The Best Korean Solo Artist…Highest Rankings Ever

BTS’ Jin’s song “Yours” set a new record for the best Korean solo artist ever on Shazam, a global music search site, and demonstrated the most powerful musical strength.

On the 21st, Jin’s debut solo OST, ‘Yours,’ was ranked 7th on Shazam’s ‘Global TOP 200’ chart. This is the first and best ranking ever given to a Korean solo artist.

Jin’s self written song, SUPER TUNA’ came in second place on the chart. Jin became the “first” and “only” Korean solo artist to have two consecutive solo songs at No. 1 and No. 2 at the same time on 22nd.

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Jin’s self-composed solo song ‘Moon’ ranked third, and his three solo songs dominated the TOP3 for two days in a row, from first to third.

He also placed 5th in ‘Epiphany,’ a Korean solo artist’s first, and charted four of his solo songs on the related chart ‘TOP 5’ at the same time, displaying the trait of ‘Shah Jamking.’

Yours, which was released on November 7 of last year and broke many new records in a major topic at the same time, is still being adored six months later and breaking many new records.

Jin’s ‘Yours’ held the top spot on Shazam’s ‘Japan TOP 200’ chart for 43 days in a row, the longest K-pop record on the chart as of May 21, for a total of 76 days.

Jin’s five solo tracks charted on the Shazam ‘Korea TOP 200’ chart the same day. Jin charted ‘Epiphany,’ ‘Super Tuna,’ ‘Moon,’ and ‘Awake’ after ‘Yours’ 2nd, demonstrating its tremendous brand strength.

Meanwhile, the Shazam chart reflects streaming based on the amount of music searches, making it a trend-reflecting list that is also used as data in the selection of US radio broadcasts.

Source: Tenasia, Image credit: Tenasia

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