[Breaking] IU & Lee Jong Suk Dating…Friendship turns into Love

Actors Lee Jong-suk and IU started dating publicly, heating up the last day of 2022. On the 31st, Lee Jong-suk’s agency, Hijieum Studio, acknowledged their relationship, saying, “Lee Jong-suk has developed from a close colleague relationship with IU to a lover recently and is continuing a serious relationship.

“IU’s agency, EDAM Entertainment, also told OSEN, “IU and Lee Jong-suk have recently developed into a good meeting between close colleagues.”

The dating rumor between the two began with Lee Jong-suk’s meaningful impressions after winning the grand prize at the ‘2022 MBC Drama Awards’ held on the 30th. During his testimony, Lee Jong-seok, who won the grand prize that day, said, “I had a lot of worries, fears, and anguish after completing my military service, but at that time, there was a person who helped me to have a good direction and positive thoughts. There was something I really wanted to tell her through this event. Thank you so much for always being so cool, and I want to tell you that I’ve liked you a lot for a very long time and I respect you so much.

After the broadcast, various speculations continued about the ‘her’ mentioned by Lee Jong-suk, and reactions continued, asking if it was a message to a lover. Afterwards, a media reported that Lee Jong-suk and IU were in a relationship, and the identity of ‘hee’ turned out to be IU. According to reports, Lee Jong-suk and IU have been dating for 4 months and recently went on a date in Japan, and it is known that their families also admitted to dating.

Lee Jong-suk and IU, who have a 4-year age difference, first met as MCs of SBS’s ‘Inkigayo’ in 2012. The two, who had been working together for about 4 months, confessed that there was a discord while hosting ‘Inkigayo’, drawing laughter. Lee Jong-suk, who appeared on an entertainment program at the time, said, “‘Inkigayo’ is aimed at young people, so the makeup and progress are expressed one-dimensionally.

I was embarrassed and hated that kind of thing, but IU was very active,” he said. “IU came up with a lot of makeup ideas. She was Peter Pan, Leon, Snowman, and many more. So she was kind of annoyed,” he confessed. Regarding this, IU, who later appeared on the variety show, said, “I didn’t know that I didn’t like Lee Jong-suk because I didn’t say that I didn’t like it.” And then he immediately texted me saying he was sorry,” he said, telling her later story.

After a small incident, the two have been close friends for a long time, and last October, IU was caught singing a congratulatory song at Lee Jong-suk’s brother’s wedding, and the friendship between the two was once again shed light. On this day, the two admitted their devotion, and it was revealed that the relationship between the two at the time was not a simple friendship.

The news of Lee Jong-suk and IU’s dating is also drawing attention to past interviews. In a magazine interview video released earlier this year, Lee Jong-suk said about his ideal type, “I definitely think that because I’m getting a little older. Before, when I was asked vaguely what my ideal type was, I seemed to give a vague answer, but now it’s a little clearer, and I think I want to marry someone like this.” ” he specifically mentioned. Netizens responded enthusiastically, saying that the ideal type mentioned by Lee Jong-suk fits perfectly with IU.

Also, in the video, when asked what he would like to do if he could rest for a long time, Lee Jong-suk answered ‘groom class’ and said, “In an interview when I was in my 20s, I said that I wish I could get married quickly while I was young and pretty. Now that I’m at an age where marriage isn’t unusual, I think it would be nice to take a groom’s class in advance.”

“I seem to have a little romance or fantasy about my family and home. So there will be cooking, and I can learn something like massage for my future wife, and I think there are things I can learn to create a harmonious family.” The possibility of marriage is also carefully predicted.

In this way, interest is focused on what kind of activity Lee Jong-suk and IU, who started 2023 with open devotion, will continue amidst each other’s strong support.

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