Bloody Heart Episode 7 Recap: Kang Han Na Revealed Her Identify To Jang Hyuk

In Bloody Heart Episode 7, “How are you here?” Lee Tae (Lee Joon) was upset and asked Yoo Jung (Kang Han Na), who was still in the palace. “I am your concubine,” Yoojung explained. I’ll live with you as your wife. I want to be a central court to live like that.” “What happened?” Lee Tae inquired. Please tell me the true reason,” Yoo Jung said, but he added, “It’s my choice.

Park Gye-won was urged by Yoo-jeong to release hostage. She introduced herself as Yoo Jeong and explained that she had returned because she wanted to work as a middleman. “I’m attempting to become a warlord to free my people who are being kept hostage”, Yoojung said with a strange expression.

“Did you hear me?” Yoo-jung mumbled after Chung Eui-gyun had left. Eui-kyun and Yoo-jungcs chat was overheard by Park Gye-won. Yoo-jeong said again why she did not flee the palace and demanded the release of the hostage, but Park Gye-won refused.

The groundwork for a full-fledged middlewsr was laid. Park Gye-won and Yoo-jeong urged the palace to devolve into private quarrels and scandals, which the staff eventually blamed to a vacancy on the inner list, hastening the midfield war.

Unable to see this, Lee Tae went to Yoo-jung’s house and said, “Is this really deliberate?” Become a powerful warlord. Are you attempting to become the left-handed pitcher’s niece?” “Did you forget something?” “I once had a dream like that,” Yoojung responded. I’ll find the person who poisoned Queen Inyeong and bring my father to justice.

Then, returning to the palace, Lee Tae queried the truth, adding, “Deliberation did not return to become a midfielder, in my opinion. So, what brought you back?” Yoojung sobbed out in pain, saying, “For me, my people came to the temple. I’ve already lost all of my parents and relatives and it’s enough to run away once . I can’t run away and live like a corpse again.” “What the hell are you thinking?” said Lee Tae, concerned. Yoo Jung answered, “Go ahead, Your Majesty. I’ll do what needs to be done.”

Meanwhile, Lee Tae is discovered by Jo Won-pyo, who urgently wants him to join his wife, Jo Sook-ui. Yoo-jeong, who reveals her identity to Park Gye-won at the end of Bloody Heart Ep 7, is also included, portending chaos.

Yoo-jeong remarked, “Confucian scholars from Sungkyunkwan also have a party. Then it will be difficult for the High Majesty to find any cause to oppose it. Request that the left-hander visit me.” “Do you remember the military service student Su?” Yoo-jeong said, before revealing that she was his wife and the deposed Crown Prince Ja-bin.

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